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Janus Podcast Episode 8: An Interview with Dennis Owens

May 08, 2019

At the 2019 International Door Association Expo, we caught up with Dennis Owens, the Director of Commercial Sales here at Janus, to talk about some topics in the commercial door industry. Check out our conversation below!


dennis owens

Dennis Owens of Janus International


Click the icon or link below to listen to the full episode, or you can read along with the transcript. Enjoy!


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Rachael Dempsey:  Welcome to the Janus Connected Podcast. I’m your host, Rachael Dempsey, and this is the place where you’ll find conversations with folks that are making an impact in the commercial door industry. You’ll hear about the latest products on the market, get some insight from industry leaders, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

Today we’re talking with Dennis Owens, the Director of Sales on the commercial side here at Janus International. So Dennis, we are here at IDA 2019; the show is about to start for the second day. How many years have you been going to IDA?

Dennis Owens: Oh, that’s a tough question. You’re trying to get me to tell my age. Probably about almost 30 years – probably about 28 years.

RD: So we have a full schedule today and we will just jump right into this. I wanted to talk to you about the difference between roll up doors and slat doors. Just from the name alone we can tell there’s a serious difference between the two, but what would you say is the biggest difference between these two models when they’re in operation?

DO: Well, based on the operation and the function of the door, they’re very similar. The benefits that they provide are really similar for the aspect of the space that they operate within. However, on the front side of the opportunity with rollup doors vs slat doors is the cost; not just the cost of material, but cost of installation. Roll up doors go in much faster, easier, and simpler than slatted doors do.

RD: And what are some typical warranty differences between the roll up and slat models?

DO: Well, they’re not really much different. Both of them generally are offered with one year warranties. However, the long term performance of a rolling steel slatted door is probably a little longer extended than a roll up door. However, both are supplied with one year factory warranties and both can perform for an extended period of time.

RD: What would you say is the typical application of a roll up door, and same for a slat door?

DO: Primary difference is for a roll up door is a little less duty, more of a medium duty door vs a rolling steel that is generally used in a more industrial, heavy commercial environment, perhaps with more frequent use than a roll up door.

RD: So when and where do roll up doors provide a competitive advantage for the consumer whenever it comes to price point?

DO: Well as mentioned before it’s not just the upfront basic cost of the material; the roll up door is significantly less than the slatted door. The other cost that is usually considered is the cost of installation. The difference in the cost between the two. The rollup door is a much faster, easier, and simpler product to install vs a heavy duty slatted door.

RD: So let’s talk Janus. How do Janus roll up doors stand out, specifically from the competition whenever it comes to slat doors?

DO: Well Janus stands out in many ways, not only with a broad lineup of product, but we also support it with the warranties. But most importantly we really back our product and company up with service, inside and even after the sale. Some types of services need to be performed, however the benefit of Janus is our experience. We are basically a manufacturer of roll up doors and now with the sister company ASTA, rolling steel. So we’re focused on this type of product. It does bring evidence of our product to the field, to our customers, to the dealers. The fact that we do have the focus and attention to the manufacturing service and applications of our product line.

RD: So we might have touched on this, are there specific applications that would call for a slat door instead of a roll up door?

DO: I think so. As mentioned, with regards to the performance or intended use of the doors, the slatted door is generally used for a more industrial application, or one that might require specific performance needs like a fire door, or a fire shutter, and even counter shutters, where aesthetics is very important to match other building components. I think that’s where you’re going to find the biggest difference. The roll up door is considered when usage is not as frequent. It’s perhaps a lighter commercial application than what you might find with rolling steel applications.

RD: What is the wear and tear comparison over time with a slat vs roll up door? How do they stack up against each other?

DO: I think the biggest thing we hear with sheet door/roll up doors is that if something should damage the door in any way, the cost to replace the door or replace a small portion of that damaged area – the door/ complete sheet has to be replaced, whereas with a slatted door you can replace just that material that’s been damaged or a portion of the slats that have been damaged. Generally, people probably assume it’s a cheaper fix, however that’s not always the case. That’s a perception that it has but many times it’s the reality.

RD: Thank you for your time. We’re getting ready to kick off the second day of IDA so we’re looking forward to that!


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