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5 Common Questions About the Cloud

Mar 06, 2018

5 Common Questions About The Cloud


Cloud storage is one of those topics that gets tossed casually around so much, you might be a bit too scared to ask...“what is it exactly?”


Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this one! We’re going to walk through some of the very basics of this type of data storage, and hopefully demystify the concept.


What is the cloud?

The cloud is a broad term that sums up the collection of servers that house data instead of a user keeping it locally on their personal computer (or smartphone device). This frees up space for businesses and individuals like you!


Is there more than one cloud?

There are different types of cloud storage types (private, public, and a hybrid of the two), as well as various cloud services. Some of these services include Dropbox, Netflix, Apple’s iCloud, and the Adobe Creative Suite just to name a few.


Does the cloud have a physical location?

Cloud storage is actually housed on servers that are in locations called data centers, but the “cloud” itself doesn’t have an actual location.


Any benefits of using the cloud?

Quite a few! Maybe the most important benefit is the concept of backing up your files so you never lose data. If your computer crashes, your data is safe in the cloud. Any changes you make to your data are automatically saved, like when you make changes to a Google Docs spreadsheet (or any other cloud-based software).


Is the cloud here to stay?

You bet! Cloud-based software has made serious waves in a wide variety of industries (including self-storage), and 2 of its biggest appeals lie within convenience and security.


The convenience factor for your self-storage facility is that you can finally ditch the clunky CD-ROM system you’ve been tied down to in order to keep track of your files! With the new Nokē® Smart Entry System, all of that data will now be backed up automatically, and your facility won’t be thrown into chaos if one of your computers decides to crash.

Security within the cloud goes far beyond the level currently used in traditional file backups on your local computer. With encryption, the cloud is able to fend off harmful hackers and stay immune from viruses more effectively than a personal computer.

Are you curious about how you can integrate cloud-based software into your self storage security strategy? Click here to learn more about Janus International’s Nokē Smart Entry System. You might be surprised to see how the cloud and Bluetooth technology can bring your self storage facility to the next level!

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