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Top 5 Considerations for Self-Storage Video Surveillance

Oct 22, 2021

Enhancing Site Security with Video Surveillance 

While video surveillance has been considered a security staple for generations, our demands and expectations for it have changed drastically over time. It seems each year, there's a new camera on the market that's smaller and more advanced, which has led to the evolution of video surveillance in the self-storage industry. Now, we expect cameras to integrate with the most innovative security systems, have high resolution and unlimited storage. So how do you know you're choosing the very best camera on the market? We've outlined 5 key items to consider when choosing video surveillance systems for your self-storage facility. 

Security Camera at Self-Storage Facility

1. Internet-Protocol (IP) Cameras

Internet-protocol cameras are ideal for self-storage facilities because they offer a broad field of vision, high resolution and optimal zooming capabilities. These digital security cameras receive and send footage to an IP network, which eliminates the need for a local recording device. The best thing about IP cameras, most of them are cloud-enabled, which allows you to view your feed from any web browser or mobile app, so you'll know exactly what's going on at your facility in real-time. 

2. The Cloud

Owner-operators need more visibility into their property and they can achieve this through a centralized, smart security platform. Having a cloud-based security system allows operators to toss aside bulky equipment and on-site storage. This increases the safety of your video surveillance because its history is not being stored on your site, but rather on the cloud. Best of all, cloud-enabled security cameras allow the owner-operator to view their footage from anywhere at any time and they don't have to worry about running out of storage.

3. Placement

The placement of your security cameras is critical for two major reasons. Not only can video cameras and monitors discourage criminal activity from occurring at your site, but they allow the owner-operator to capture the criminal and generate leads when any malicious activity does occur, such as vandalism, theft or burglary. 

When placing your security cameras around your site, make sure you ask yourself what exactly it is that you're trying to view. Make sure you have eyes around your entire property, far beyond your entrance and exit points. Also, consider installing monitors behind the front desk in your lobby. While some operators may view this as an outdated approach, we've found that it can be preventative by setting a tone at your facility and deterring criminal activity from occurring.

4. Lighting

It's no secret that lighting plays a critical role in the success of your video surveillance. Are you able to accurately see what's being captured on your monitors, at all times of the day? Consider adding smart lighting in addition to your security cameras. This is a form of lighting specifically designed to be energy efficient and configurable to meet your every need. From providing security and motion alerts to being controlled individually or as a group, smart lighting can work in conjunction with your security cameras to provide the safest, most secure system around. 

5. Nokē Smart Entry

Nokē Smart Entry integrates with Eagle Eye to provide owner operators with the most advanced solution for video surveillance and site security in the self-storage industry today. In the Smart Entry platform, you can view all of your camera monitors at once and click on any of them individually to enlarge the frame and watch the feed in real-time. Some cameras even allow you to have two-way audio so that you can communicate with people at your site when you're not physically present. And if you already have cameras at your facility, this integration isn't camera specific, so it can work on virtually any camera out there. 

The benefits of security technology go far beyond customer acquisition and retention, so invest in the best video surveillance and security system so that you can unlock the benefits by offering your tenants a class A self-storage experience. 

Nokē ONE video

Ready to Enhance Your Site's Security System?

Watch the video to learn more about Nokē Smart Entry and how you can use it to take your self-storage facility to the next level by offering your tenants the best security system and access control technology around.


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