Series 1100

Commercial Roll Up Door Model 1100 / 1100i

Janus Commercial Roll Up Door Model 1100

Commercial Sheet Metal Door

The Janus International Model 1100 series is a great economical investment for commercial usage. Complete with pre-assembled brackets and tensioner, the Model 1100 metal roll up door is easy to install and will last for years. Wind load rated and able to withstand strong forces, the Model 1100 steel roll up door is ideal for coastal locations or in areas that receive extreme weather. View all of the door’s features and measurements below:

  • Pre-assembled for time and money savings
  • Utilizes 9 ½” diameter drum wheel
  • Maximum opening size of 10’ wide x 14’ high (140 sq.ft.)
  • Push-up, hand chain and internal electric operations
  • Reduced drive chain hoist is right hand only