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Maximize Revenue. Optimize Space.

Restore. Rebuild. Replace.

From steel roll up door replacements, to self storage unit remixes, to relocatable storage units, to new security solutions, and more!

Put Your Best Foot Forward.

Statistics show that if a prospect visits your facility, you have a 75 percent chance to convert them into a tenant—pretty good odds. But only 13 percent choose based on cost alone.

Did You Know?

Retrofitting an existing self storage facility can oftentimes be more cost-effective than building a new facility.

The benefits don’t stop at aesthetic appeal. R3 can reduce the operational costs, especially in older buildings, as well as help to attract tenants and gain a competitive edge.

Beyond R3-1

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Remix | Maximize Space and Grow Revenue

The innovative Janus design team will help you maximize your layout. You specify the unit sizes you want, we find the hidden areas that will give you the greatest amount of rentable square footage. 

Have you ever thought about remixing the layout of your facility to include a second story level? This one change could instantly double your ROI per month without increasing construction costs for additional square footage.

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Replacement | Undeniable Benefits 

What is the easiest way to improve the aesthetics of your facility? A steel door replacement program delivers immediate benefits such as higher rental rates, leads to greater retention and attracts new tenants. You’ll see a better return on your investment versus painting over a potential problem.

Another benefit to pursuing replacement is ADA compliance. If your current steel roll up doors aren’t in keeping with the regulations mandated by law, you could be hit with a hefty lawsuit.

Reskin BA

Re-Skin | An Alternative for Added Value 

Re-skinning your doors is like giving them a facelift: low construction and virtually non-invasive. Typically an entire hall of steel doors can be installed in a day without ever having to open the door of the unit or disturb any of its contents. Your tenants won’t experience any inconvenience, but will still enjoy the benefit of having a new door on their unit, not to mention the added appeal to potential renters.

Green MASS under freeway

Relocatable | Your Options for Mobility

Do you have idle land? Then you could have additional profit waiting to be made using relocatable storage units. Our Movable Additional Storage Structures (MASS) could take your self storage business to the next level. Click here for more information.


Rebrand | Find Your New Voice 

When was the last time your self storage operation thought about the image your brand is projecting to potential customers? Sometimes all it takes is a brand refresh to breathe life into your business. 

Now more than ever, there are many creative resources you can contact to help energize your marketing efforts. From freelancers to ad agencies, there’s no shortage of options for you to choose from as you embark on your rebranding journey. Consider a new logo, color palette, or a new website. The opportunities are huge.

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Rebuild | A Fresh Start 

Sometimes the best option for your upcoming self storage project is to tear down an older facility and rebuild from the ground up. We can help you with this potentially daunting project. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of the rebuild, from start to finish.



Don’t hesitate to reevaluate your options. Adding upgraded features, such as automated facility operations, can set your facility apart from the competition. The Janus SecurGuard® Smart Entry System for steel roll up doors and metal swing doors brings additional security to your facility and peace of mind for your tenants.

Are you ready for a transformation?

Want to learn more about the R3: Restore. Rebuild. Replace. Program?



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