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Door Replacement Program

Old worn-out steel roll up door

What Message Are Your Doors Sending to Prospects?

More than likely you’ve heard the famous expression repeated over the years: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” While that phrase is true for many areas of life, it’s never been more important in today’s competitive world of self storage. Statistics show that if a prospect visits your facility, you have a 75 percent chance to convert them into a tenant—pretty good odds. But only 13 percent choose based on cost alone.

Curb appeal is clearly an important factor.

Knowing that, what does your property’s condition say about your facility? Does it appear safe? Does it convey a secure place to store your belongings? Is it easily accessible? If not, you’re more than likely losing money by missing opportunities to rent to a large portion of your potential market.

Since up to 80 percent of your facility is covered by a roll-up door, the easiest way to put a new shine on your facility is with a steel door replacement program from Janus International, the industry leader in roll-up doors. Janus International is the only manufacturer currently offering Third Generation doors, the most reliable and durable door product on the market. Dead axle design, harder steel and an adjustable tensioner are just some of the standard features that make its doors the best in the business. Updating your facility with the Janus steel door replacement program not only assures you’re getting the highest quality doors, you’re also getting them at an affordable price. With manufacturing facilities in strategic spots worldwide and strong vendor relationships, Janus can cut it costs, which it passes along to you, the customer. Additionally, our doors install approximately 40 percent more quickly than other manufacturers, further securing budgetary concerns for your facility.


Beyond Looking Good

There’s no doubt with a steel door replacement program will have your self-storage facility looking inviting to potential tenants, but there are added benefits as well, including return on investment, which all facility owners and managers are looking to achieve. Janus International’s clients are reporting several added advantages to replacing their doors:

  • The new, improved look attracts more new renters, increasing occupancy
  • Improved facility demands higher rental rates
  • Higher customer retention by keeping units secure and easier to use
  • Reduced exposure to legal claims with safer, better operating doors
  • Insurance reductions and potential tax deductions (consult your financial advisor for specific advice)


Leave the Work to Us …

Janus International will do the legwork for you, providing top-notch customer service for all steps of the project. We’ll take care of the details to replace your worn doors, including sending an expert to your facility to inspect and field-measure your site. We’ll secure the surveillance cameras, security guard, new locks and dumpsters for debris removal.


… And Your Security Concerns

Rest assured the tenants belongings will be well preserved and respected during the door replacement procedure. The entire process shall be witness by an independent security officer and record by digital surveillance cameras. The security officer will hand over the unit log sheets and the new unit keys in a sealed envelope to the facility manager at the close of each business day. Digital videos of each unit are archived in a vault at Janus International corporate headquarters in Temple GA to maintain the privacy and security of the occupied units. In the event customer files a claim, the digital memory card is handed over to an independent claims administrator for review and resolution.


Janus/IOA Self Storage Insurance Program

As mentioned above, commercial self storage insurance companies view facility upgrades favorably and Janus has made this added customer benefit even easier by partnering with IOA Insurance Services to offer up to a 20 percent reduction in your self storage insurance as a result of replacing your old doors.


By The Numbers

Concerned that you might not be able to afford a door replacement program? You may need to rethink the costs of not renovating an outdated facility. Consider the following scenario for the a 100-unit project:

  • The investment needed for a full, turnkey door replacement project would be approximately $550 per unit
  • A renovated unit could generate a rent increase of, say, $5 per month, equaling $6,000 per year in added revenue
  • Factor in the additional commercial self storage insurance savings of up to 20 percent using IOA Insurance Services
  • Factor in annual depreciation for a net income offset
  • Factor in the savings from reduced claims and maintenance fees

Also consider the cost of unearned income of a 10’ x 10’ unit at $50 per month = $600 per unit annual lost income.

It’s clear that your investment, combined with fewer expenses and insurance rates, will be paid for in a matter of months.

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