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Movable Additional Storage Structures (MASS)

Red relocatable storage units from Janus International

Generate Additional Profit from Your Idle Land!

If you have the following, Janus International has the perfect solution

  • Unused corner lot or easement
  • Underutilized property
  • Sloping land available, yet not suitable for permanent construction

When every inch counts in maximizing your rentable space, you can’t afford to let an irregular lot size go unused. Relocatable storage units/MASS (Movable Additional Storage Structures) by Janus International allows you to generate additional profit from your idle land.

These movable external storage solutions allow you to add more storage units without costly or unattainable construction processes. MASS units are constructed from the same durable components as traditional storage units, so the common rusting and leakage issues often found with portable containers is a problem of the past. Our relocatable storage units are designed to aesthetically fit into your current storage footprint, and their drive-up convenience may also demand higher rental rates. Many local governments classify MASS units as equipment, so you may be able to bypass lengthy permitting processes, too.


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