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How to Incorporate Video Content Into Marketing

Sep 12, 2018

Using Video To Boost Your Marketing Strategy


Are you looking to improve your marketing content for your self-storage facility? It's no secret that having a sufficient marketing strategy can help make or break your business. But the real question is, how are you keeping your content relevant? Most of us can say we have used ad, blog, email, and social content marketing, but have you considered adding video to your content strategy? It has been predicted that 80% of internet traffic will flow through video and live video content in 2020. Live videos on average receive six times as many interactions than regular videos. So what's stopping you from stepping up your content strategy to keep your business booming? Here are a few helpful tips on how to incorporate video into your marketing.

If you're super eager and want to see an amazing example of video right away, click here!


How to Incorporate Video Into Self Storage Marketing


Blog Videos

Take a moment to look at your current blog posts. Do they seem repetitive or maybe too bland? Try to pin point certain blogs or articles that could use visual aids. For example, "how to" videos are often a great fit. These kind of videos allow you to create a visual walk through for your readers to follow along. You could also use videos that include an interview explaining what your content is about.


Website Videos

When taking a look at your website, what kind of media content do you have and how do you know many could benefit from it? As for industrial manufacturers, video content is quite helpful for your customers and could make a huge difference on your click through rates. The majority of people are interested in how your product is used or how it works. Instead of a lengthy page explaining your product, why not use a "how to" video. A video describing your services can often be way more effective to getting your point across.

  1. Nike (an awesome example of silent video on your home page)
  2. Jeep (our favorite example of the product in use)
  3. iPhone X (a fun video to show you awesome features)


Social Videos

Sure, being in front of a camera can sometimes be scary, but even the biggest stars in Hollywood stumble on their words (except Tom Cruise, he's perfect). It's been proven that 3/4 of millennials would choose to spend their money on an experience rather than something desirable. Community is the future of business. People these days want real people who have experienced it before they can make their decision. It would be a great idea to record real customers who have experienced your product to explain why people should consider it.


Creating Your Videos

Even if you don't decide to incorporate real customers into your self-storage videos, you, yourself have the ability to make great video content. In order to make high-quality videos, you will need to spend time planning, scripting, story-boarding, setting up cameras to get multiple angles, editing, and more. It's important to plan out your videos to ensure good quality and production. Whether your video is a short one minute testimonial or a five minute interview, your project will need planning in order to be efficient. 


For additional information, click the link below for example videos on our website





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