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Spring Prep at your Self-Storage Facility

Feb 16, 2018

As the ice and snow start to fade away after a long winter, it’s finally time to get ready for Spring!  This is a great time to do some deep cleaning at your self-storage facility to shake out those winter cobwebs.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 ways to spruce up your store for the new season:

  1. Perk up the curb.  Landscaping may seem like an afterthought for your business, but this element of curb appeal can be crucial!  Set aside a day to go to your local home improvement store and pick up some bright flowers to plant outside your facility.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly a few plants and some gardening TLC can help your facility aesthetic!
  2. It’s cleaning time.  You clean your floors regularly, but what about your roll-up doors?  The steel can pick up dust and dirt over time, just like anything else.  Try using minimal amounts of free rinsing detergent (along the lines of Joy or regular Dawn dish soap) and some water to gently wash the doors followed by a good spray of water.
  3. Replacement.  As we all know, there comes a time in each roll-up door’s life that a simple washing just won’t cut it.  When this occasion arises, it’s important to replace or reskin the door rather than simply covering the problem with paint.  (Want to learn more about how Janus can help you Restore. Rebuild. Replace? Click here to learn more about the Janus R3 program!)
  4. Don’t forget the office!  The customer-facing office at your facility needs some attention, too.  If you’ve got clutter lying around, such as paperwork or crowded electrical outlets, take the time to organize your items in a way that makes sense to you.  Aside from having a clean space, consider offering a coffee machine or some other nice amenities for your customers.  A little thought can go a long way!

At the end of the day, your customers (and prospects) will appreciate the cleanliness and organization of your store, inside and out!  For some extra Spring cleaning tips, check out this great blog post from our friends at Inside Self Storage: Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Self-Storage Facilities.


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