Infographic: How to Hire Great Site Managers in Self-Storage

Oct 02, 2018

Hiring The Right Self-Storage Manager For Today's Tech Savvy Renter

What does it take to be a successful self-storage site manager in today's world? The daily tasks of a successful site manager include face-to-face conversations, providing great customer service, being able to maintain the facility, multitasking, etc. Check out our infographic post below to get a quick glance of what to look for in a self storage manager for today's modern facility:


Infographic explaining 5 things to look for in a self storage site manager


 It may seem simple, but overlooking any of these can be costly to your self storage operation in the end.  Our favorite combination of traits in a self storage manager is one that is outgoing, knowledgeable, and tech savvy.  


Learn more about self storage technology by watching the video below!

Digital Key Sharing Video



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