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Maximizing Self-Storage Conversions with MASS Relocatable Units

Dec 03, 2019

MASS Relocatable Storage Units Are a Great Way to Get the Most out of Your Self-Storage Conversion Project

Conversions have become widely popular in the self-storage industry—and for good reason. Older, big-box retail stores that have closed down offer up ideal locations for self-storage facilities.

These stores are targeted by many in the self-storage business because they have large, spacious interiors that are practically ready-made for climate-controlled storage units and mezzanine structures. But what will you do with all of the unused space surrounding these buildings?

Below are six reasons why adding MASS relocatable storage units are a perfect solution for these types of conversion projects. 

1) Large Parking Lots

You don’t need us to tell you that there’s no need for hundreds of parking spaces at your new storage facility. The wide stretches of parking lot space that come along with old big-box stores might seem like an over-sized headache at first, but these parking lots are absolutely perfect for MASS relocatable storage units. 

These units can be aligned to meet your needs and will allow you to feature drive-up storage options outside and the ability to charge tenants the same monthly rates as you do for regular interior units.

2) Expand and Accommodate Growth

Once you’ve reached or are close to full-capacity on your interior units, having underutilized land allows you to grow at your own pace using MASS relocatable storage units.

These units can be ordered and installed as needed, which allows you to expand only as much as your customer needs grow and can be moved and placed as you see fit. This will also give you time to decide whether to use some of that parking lot space for RV or other vehicle storage.

3) Easy on the Eyes

Most relocatable storage options are notoriously dull in appearance and not what you would want to have scattered around your facility. MASS units, however, meet more than just the functional need of a storage unit as they are designed to blend in seamlessly with modern storage structures.

In fact, to the untrained eye, most people would hardly realize any difference in common storage structures and these portable storage units. There are plenty of color options to choose from when ordering MASS units as well, making them even more ideal to match the colors of your specific brand.

4) Less Red Tape

MASS relocatable storage units are classified as equipment, allowing facility owners to potentially bypass the headache of pouring slabs and dealing with the lengthy permitting process that can take months or even years with traditional building structures. 

Relocatable storage units can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to add value to your site. With the time saved on permitting, you can start renting out these units as soon as they are on site and built—and instantly start generating additional income!  


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5) Tax-Saving Benefits 

There are considerable tax savings and financial benefits that you could be taking advantage of as well. Under the new tax code revision, MASS relocatable storage units are generally eligible for 100% deduction after just one year!  

Since these units are typically classified as equipment, they depreciate over the course of 7 years instead of the usual 39 years. They can also be leased through banks rather than requiring you to take out a traditional construction loan and require very little out of pocket cost.

6) Unmatched Durability 

Unlike other portable storage units, MASS units are made of durable steel and offer better protection from the elements, offering a more reliable place for your tenants to store their belongings.

With companies claiming PVC units are the latest and greatest in portable storage due to their cheap price point, they are really nothing more than cheap plastic. While the cheap price tag may be enticing at first, consider the lifetime value and long-term expense. Plastic is clearly far less durable than a steel structure and does not withstand weather and common wear and tear, only to leave you dealing with more expense down the road.  

Think about it... do you really want cheap, unsightly units or containers sitting around your facility that require more maintenance and repairs down the road? Better yet, do you really want to convey to your customers that you've skimped on quality by offering them a plastic unit to store their precious goods? 

With MASS, you can rest assured that your relocatable storage units will not only blend seamlessly at your facility but also have the durability to last as long as a traditional self-storage building!

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