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When is Relocatable Storage More Attractive than Traditional Storage?

Sep 30, 2022

If you're looking for a faster way to earn money in the self-storage industry, relocatable storage might be an easy answer for your business.

Relocatable storage units look similar to traditional ones but offer cost-effective perks that make them appealing than conventional storage. Here are three reasons this solution might work best for you.

Maximize Space

If you've got land that isn't good for a permanent building due to easements, setbacks, slopes, or another imperfection like powerlines, you don't need to let it sit empty. You can add relocatable storage facilities and start making a profit. If your current storage business is at maximum capacity, relocatable storage units can give your business more storage solutions.

They're low maintenance and made with the same durable components as traditional storage such as galvanized steel framing and industry-leading roll-up doors. And unlike portable storage containers that some consider unsightly, relocatable storage is more attractive because people can customize them to blend with existing structures.

Eco units)

Faster Income

Due to increasingly stringent building codes, getting permits for a traditional storage building can take years. However, relocatable storage units require very little prep work, and they're technically classified as equipment, which helps you bypass those lengthy permitting and zoning processes.

Bypassing permitting and zoning process means you can start renting units faster. In addition, they can be built on-site, on-demand, or delivered pre-built to your location, making them an affordable alternative to a traditional storage facility. 

Lower Risk

Entrepreneurs new to the self-storage industry find portable storage units an enticing startup option because there's a lower upfront investment. They can test the market without spending time and money on permanent storage facilities. And they can be depreciated for up to $1 million in the first year, making it a safer investment for many.

Once the business is proven, you can expand relocatable storage units to accommodate growth. For example, Movable Additional Storage Structures (MASS) manufactured by Janus International can be easily moved by a 5,000 lb. forklift if business owners want to relocate them.

MASS units include these features and more:

  • 40% more cubic sq. ft. than converted/foldable shipping containers
  • Weather resistant construction
  • Rain lip and elevated floor reduce moisture
  • Insulated roofs to prevent condensation and regulate the heat/cold

They come with a configurable unit mix on a 10'x20' or custom-size platform.

So if you're eager to start generating more income with your self-storage business but don't want to skimp on appearance and features, relocatable storage makes a worthy alternative to traditional storage buildings. 

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Are MASS Units the Best Option for You?

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