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The Best Doors and Hallway Systems for a New Self-Storage Facility

Nov 05, 2021

What to Look for in Self-Storage Doors and Hallway Systems

Choosing the right unit door and hallway system for your new self-storage facility is a much bigger decision than one may think. Tenants expect to feel comfortable and safe when visiting your facility, and the functionality and appearance of your unit doors and hallways play a big role. That's why we're outlining some of the most important considerations when looking for the right unit doors and hallway systems for your self-storage facility. 


Similar to the saying, "don't judge a book by its cover", the appearance of your hallway and the inside of your facility will have a big impact on whether or not customers will feel comfortable and want to rent from your facility. Make sure your hallway systems are strategically designed and brightly lit. After all, brightly lit facilities help tenants feel safe when navigating your property and interacting with their unit. One key way to ensure a brightly lit facility is with hallway soffits with the option for LED or fluorescent lights.

Self-Storage Facility Hallway System

"Pairing the right hallway system with the right unit doors sets your facility up for success."

Unit mix is also very important and should be strategically designed to optimize your rentable square footage. According to an article published by Inside Self Storage (ISS), where you place your small and large units can have a big impact on customer satisfaction. For example, your larger units should be located closer to the entrance because they're typically used for larger, heavier items and for items of higher quantity. You don't want someone having to carry a couch all the way to the back of your facility. Also, make sure any hallways leading to larger units have minimal turns and intersections to enhance the navigation process.

If you'd like to expand your unit offerings, consider adding lockers. These smaller-sized units are great for capturing the younger generation. This is because millennials tend to have fewer items to store and less disposable income to spend on storage.

No matter which hallway system you choose, it's always important you meet the criteria regulated by building officials, code administrators and local codes of compliance. These codes will likely have rules regulating the height of the hallway in comparison to the sprinkler heads. Make sure you're checking with your local fire marshall for the specific codes in your area.


It's pretty simple, tenants want a unit door that's going to be secure yet easy to operate, and owner-operators want a unit door that's going to be an easy installation project and require very little maintenance over time to sustain. That's where the 3rd generation dead axle steel roll-up door comes in.  

Inside of a Self-Storage Facility with White Unit Doors

The 3rd generation dead axle steel roll-up door has several impressive features worth noting. First, its springs are generously lubricated in the factory which helps displace moisture and prevent rust and corrosion from forming. This lubrication also relieves the friction created between spring coils, which helps the door operate smoothly.

The factory lubricated springs are then enclosed inside of a barrel assembly that protects them from harmful elements, such as dust and debris, encountered throughout the door's lifetime. This means you won't have to manually re-grease your door's springs to keep it operating in optimal condition. The tube housing is also responsible for eliminating any axle push or shift that occurs in live axle doors, and it allows the curtain to move in the guides with a straighter travel path.

Best of all, the 3rd generation dead axle steel roll-up door has a simpler method for spring tensioning. It allows the fine-tuning of any spring adjustment to equally affect all of the springs on the door, at the exact same time. No extra hardware is required.

Just like your hallway system, your doors will have to meet certain criteria demanded by building officials, code administrators and local codes of compliance. From wind load ratings to ADA compliance, make sure your manufacturer can help you throughout this process and provide unit doors to meet your exact design needs.

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