Defining the Advanced Settings

Defines the advanced settings for login type, allow service fobs, hide password reset/activating account, and zone triggers when using the Web Portal.

Advanced settings are used to define the parameters for the system functionalities for advanced-level operations. The configuration for advanced settings applies to Web Portal functions within the facility.

To define Advanced settings,

  • Log in to the Web Portal and click the Settings tab.
  • From the Settings page, click Facility.
  • Modify the settings as defined below, changes are automatically saved.

Advanced Settings

Login Type: Nokē supports different login types. ONLY if your facility is set up for this. chose from the dropdown Nokē, Okta, or AWS login types. 

Note: Most facilities should be set to 'Nokē' unless you were directed otherwise by a Noke Smart Entry Support Representative. 

Allow Service Fobs: Allows non-tenants to use fobs.

Hide Password Reset/Activate Account: ONLY TO BE USED FOR CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE THEIR OWN APP Hides the resetting password and resending the Activation Link for customers.

Zone Triggers: Enable this feature to trigger relays, alarms, or other devices whenever a tenant enters a zone (additional setup may be required)



  • Manage Facilities

If you believe you should have this access and do not, please contact an administrator to add the permission to your role type.