"One Touch" Hands-Free Access

One Touch allows tenants to receive a notification when they arrive at the facility even when their mobile app is closed. From there, tenants can access entry points and their unit without having to touch their smartphone again.

Support Setup

The NSE support team will need to enable the following Feature Flags for All Users from the Web Portal before a facility can utilize the One Touch feature for its tenants:

  • Unlock Notification  Shows Notification When Unit Is In Range That Allows You To Unlock
  • Wake On Motion  Allows Setting To Wake On Motion To Show Under Device Settings
  • One Step Unlock  Unlock Unit Controller Without Pressing Any Buttons In The App

To enable the One Touch feature for a facility, (Support User Access Only!)

  1. Log in to the Web Portal and click the Settings tab.
  2. From the Settings page, click the Feature Flags tab.
  3. From the Feature Flags list under the Users column, click None on the Unlock Override feature flag and select All Users, or verify that it is already selected.
  4. Click None on the Wake On Motion feature flag and select All Users, or verify that it is already selected.
  5. Click None on the One Step Unlock feature flag and select All Users, or verify that it is already selected.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Tenant Setup

Once the One Touch feature is enabled for the facility, tenants can set it up from their Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app in  a few simple steps.

To set up One Touch in the tenant mobile app,

  1. From the Home screen, tap Menu Button-1 (Settings icon).
  2. Now tap Settings from the list of options, and then tap One Touch Unlock to enable the feature.
  3. Now, tap Notification Settings.
  4. Set Notifications to On to receive selected notifications.
  5. Under Notifications select type of unit notifications you would like to receive (SMS, Email, or Push). You can choose to receive your notifications in any one of these types, any two, or even all three, if you want.
  6. Under Facility Messages, set to On to receive Push notifications from the storage facility.

One Touch Usage

  1. Open the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app.
  2. Tap the One Touch icon in the top left corner.
    • This enables One Touch, and it stays active until cancelled or the mobile app is closed.
    • Your unit unlocks one time while One Touch is active.
    • A local notification is sent alerting you that your unit was unlocked
    • Entries unlock multiple times as long as you leave Bluetooth range and return to entry again.
    • Or, you can close the mobile app and approach entry again.
    • Tapping More Info from the initial dialog explains the feature.
    • You can modify the range and exclude devices from auto unlock in the Settings tab.

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