How One Touch Improves Tenant Experience

Your customers want to feel like it's a really simple and easy experience to access their facility and unit, but that it's also safe and secure.

It's a challenge getting your customers to feel their property is locked up and secured without also making them go through a lot of hassle to access the facility and get into their unit. Sometimes operators automatically open entry points for convenient tenant access, but then they're only compromising security for convenience. 

With the new One Touch feature, tenants get the very best of technology combined with bulletproof security to give them a seamless user experience. When a tenant arrives at the facility, a pop-up notification appears on their phone asking if they want to open the gate. The user would then long press and tap, Unlock. When the tenant approaches the next entry point, it automatically unlocks without them needing to use the app again. And finally, when the tenant approaches their unit, it unlocks automatically for Nokē Volt latches; and for Nokē One latches, it unlocks automatically after the tenant touches the latch to wake it from sleep mode.  

With One Touch enabled, the phone is sending it's digital key through Bluetooth when in range of entry points and the tenant's unit--the difference is the signal now automatically includes the Unlock command first activated through the pop-up notification upon arrival.



One Touch improves your tenant's visit to their storage unit by reducing how many times they need to pull out their phone and interact with the app--freeing up their hands to push carts, carry boxes, and open doors without worrying about dropping their phone. Sometimes customers accidentally lock their phone in their unit because when they unlocked and opened the door their phone was in their hand. And then they walk into the unit and set the phone down on the nearest box. Because the tenant doesn't need their phone out with One Touch, it remains in a pocket or purse to unlock their space automatically.



With One Touch, your facility now operates as if every gate or entry door was set to automatically open for your customers while remaining locked and secured to all other visitors. This lets your customer decide what type of experience they want to enjoy. Some customers prefer the convenience of hands-free entry--others want to control when an entry point or their unit unlocks. Either way, no unauthorized person can gain entry.

With One Touch, the tenant's unit automatically unlocks at their first visit to the unit.  Upon the second visit to the unit, a pop-up asks the tenant if they'd like to open the unit again. This prevents the unit from automatically unlocking when a tenant walks away.