Updating when Battery Replacements Happen

How to update and track when a battery replacement happens at a facility

Currently, only Nokē Smart Entry Support users or Nokē Installers can report battery replacements. The Web Portal displays the Battery Replaced Date on the Unit Controllers details page or from the Network tab. This information can be accessed by facility employees who have the appropriate permission.

It is crucial to record the date of a battery replacement for a unit so that facility employees can proactively manage battery replacements and monitor battery lifespan.

Battery replacements for unit controllers can only be reported through the Storage Smart Entry Mobile App.

Nokē employees can do so by,

  • Logging into the Mobile App.
  • Navigate to the More tab (three horizontal lines in the bottom right).
  • From there, click Replace Batteries selection.
  • Clicking this will pop up three options -
    • Replace All - Selecting Replace All will update the Battery Replaced Date to today's date for all lock IDs at the facility.
    • Replace Low Batteries - Selecting Replace Low Batteries will update the Battery Replaced Date to today's date for the IDs of all low battery locks at the facility.
    • Replace One - Selecting Replace One allows you to select a single device that will update that device's Battery Replaced Date to today's date. 

This process in the Mobile App will update the Battery Replaced Date in the Web Portal.



Permission Needed

  • Manage Locks (to view date in the Web Portal)
  • Installer Account (to use Replace Battery in-app)

Contact an administrator to add this permission to your role type, if needed.

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