Understanding the Units Tab

A comprehensive overview of the Units tab in the Web Portal.

One of the main Web Portal tabs that is available to you is the Units tab.

On this page, you will find a list of all the rental units at your facility. 


The units display in different colors based on their Unit Status

  • Green = Available Units 
  • Red = Overlock Units
  • Yellow = Occupied Units
  • Blue = Gatelock, Pending Auction, Auction, and Transfer Units
  • Purple = Pre-Let (An agreement between a landlord and a prospective tenant to enter into a lease at a date in the future.) 


The Unit State will display as either Closed or Open.


The table will display the zones that each unit belongs to. If you need more information about zones, please refer to the article on Understanding Access Zones.

There should be at least one assigned zone for all Nokē Smart Entry units. 


The Search option lets you quickly search and find specific units.



Depending on your permission level, a display of icons are available to you in the top right corner of the Units table. 

Show/Hide Filters

The far right icon is the Show/Hide Filters icon. 

This icon displays throughout the Nokē Smart Entry Web Portal and opens or closes a banner of filters to help you to sort/filter the units at your facility. 


Manager Shares

This icon displays which units are shared with facility employees/managers. 

Clicking on the Share icon takes you to a screen where a list of all units that have been shared with the facility are displayed. You can also Remove Manager Access.

Units that are Shared with Manager also shows in the units table.

The Request Access button sends a request for the tenant to share his unit with the facility in order to be able to open the unit in the future. This is a true manager share and access would need to be revoked by the tenant to remove facility access for the shared user. 


Reboot All Units

This icon lets you reboot all units at your facility.


Transfer Units

The far left icon is the Transfer Units icon. 

For more information about how to use this feature, click below:

Transferring a Tenant to Another Unit

Quick Glimpse

The boxes off to the right give you a quick glimpse of what is happening at your facility. 

You can click on any of the selections to filter to just those selections.


Permission Needed

  • Manage Locks
  • View Site Locks
  • Open Manager Shares

If you do not have the correct access, contact an administrator to add permission to your role type.

For more information, click below:

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Understanding Access Zones