How do I transfer a tenant to another unit?

Now you can provide temporary access to two units for tenants that need a day or two to transfer their storage property from a smaller unit to a larger one, or vice versa.

It's a fact that storage space needs expand and contract for almost everyone. Families tend to grow or shrink over time, and sometimes that results in upsizing or downsizing their homes. And, if they have a storage unit too, they might need to increase or decrease their storage space as well.

As a convenience for your tenants, you can use the Nokē Smart Entry (NSE) Web Portal to provide temporary access to two units simultaneously. This lets your tenants transfer their property from one unit to another over a specified period of time.

Transfer Overview

Transfers generally occur in two parts:

Part One is when the management system processes the transfer from the vacating unit to the new unit, which includes applying credits/charges and generating a new lease agreement. The transfer in the management system is the most critical step in this process and likely occurs first.

Part Two is when the NSE Web Portal grants temporary access to both units to provide the tenant enough time to vacate the old unit and move into the new one. This is important because the tenant needs access to both doors which might be in different zones. This also means transfers in NSE are critical even for facilities that are transferring between non-NSE units, especially if the units are in different zones.

After completing the transfer in the management system, locate the unit you transferred the tenant from in the Web Portal and grant them access to it.

To grant temporary access to the vacated unit in the Web Portal,

  1. From the Home page, click the Units tab.
  2. Locate the unit the tenant is transferring to and click on it.
  3. From the Unit Details page, click Transfer Unit.
  4. From the Transfer Unit form, click the unit the tenant is vacating.
  5. Click Submit to start the transfer period. (For the next 48 hours, the tenant will have access to both units.)

When access is granted to both units from the NSE Web Portal, the manager selects the unit as follows:

  • If the management system transfer was initiated first, then the vacating unit is selected from the Web Portal.
  • If the NSE transfer was initiated first, then the new unit is selected from the Web Portal. 

The default access timeframe is always 48 hours. However, that can be cancelled anytime by clicking Unassign from Transfer. If you do this, select the vacating unit from the Unit Details page. This revokes access to the vacating unit and grants the tenant access to only the unit they just moved into.

If there is any variance, the NSE unit assignment will be overridden upon the next management system sync to NSE. To extend the 48 hours, the manager can click Extend Transfer to start the clock over.

Note: Since NSE does not override any management system information or updates, completing a transfer in NSE does not change anything in the management system. These are two separate processes. The management system vacates the old unit and assigns the new unit because it only deals with the account/inventory management and payment/lease agreements for the tenant. The NSE system deals solely with providing temporary access to both the vacating unit and the new unit until the transfer expires.

Tip: There is also a Users Transferring widget that can be added to the Dashboard that tracks any current transfers in process and displays the transfer expiration period.

Here's a summary of what occurs in the NSE Web Portal:
  1. From the Web Portal, a transfer is initiated from the vacating unit to the new unit.
  2. The tenant now has access to both units for 48 hours. (This can be changed at any time via the Web Portal.)
    1. Shared Users have access to both units until the transfer period expires (48 hours). After the tenant takes sole occupation of the new unit, he will have to re-add his shared users from the mobile app.
    2. Shared Managers/Employees have access to only the vacating unit until the transfer period expires (48 hours). They will not have access to the new unit until after the tenant takes sole occupation of it and re-adds them as shared users from the mobile app.
    3. Fob Users have access to only the vacating until the transfer period expires (48 hours). The fob user will have to resync the fob to gain access to the new unit.
  3. From the Web Portal, transfers can be terminated manually or automatically after (48 hours).
  4. After the transfer is either completed or has expired, the Web Portal and PMS resync as follows:
    1. The vacated unit becomes 'Available' for rent.
    2. The new unit becomes 'Occupied' by tenant.
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