Understanding Access Zones

How access zones are used to restrict tenant access to specific areas of your facility.

What are Zones? And, how do Zones affect you and your facility?

Simply put, Zones are a way to group together the entries and units that exist in your facility. By grouping, you limit the access that tenants have. Meaning, utilize zones to give tenants access only to the places where they should or need to be going, based on their rental location (e.g., sections of a facility, different buildings at a facility, different floors of a building, etc.).

Note: At least one zone labeled the Default Zone must be created and exist for your facility at all times. 

The Nokē Smart Entry (NSE) system uses Zones for onsite tracking as a security measure and for determining which entries, floors, and relays tenants require access to when renting units. By tracking who has entered a Zone, it identifies if anyone is physically present. For this reason, all units and entries are added to their respective zones during the implementation of the NSE system.

Creation and setup of zones are done by Nokē Smart Entry technicians and support members. 


  • View Zones for view-only access to the Zones page.
  • Manage Zones for edit access to the Zones page. 

If you do not have the correct access, contact an administrator to add that permission to your role type.

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Adding or Deleting a Unit from an Access Zone