Examining the Unit Status and Unlocked Units Widgets

How facility managers start planning their day by using the Unlocked Units and Unit Status widgets.

The Unit Status widget showcases the current status of each unit, including Occupied, Available, Overlock, Auction, and Gatelock. Simply clicking on a status grants access to the Units page, where all units in that status are displayed. This feature grants you swift access to your units, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the activities taking place at a specific unit.

Unit Status Widget

Click the Unit Status drop-down in the upper left corner and select Lock Type. The Lock Type widget exhibits the overall count of locks within the facility, including the number and the type of Nokē smart locks installed.

Lock Type Widget

If your facility solely uses Nokē smart locks, the Web Portal receives automatic status updates every hour and for every unit activity. This provides you with the assurance that all units are constantly reporting and secured 24/7. To gain access to the Units page, simply click on the lock type.

With the assurance that all of your units are reporting and secured around the clock, you can now delve into the Unlocked Units widget. This feature provides information on which units are currently unlocked, their rental status, and how long they have remained unlocked.

Unlocked Units Widget

If you notice any unlocked units, don't worry! You can easily click on the unit to access the Unit Details page and investigate further. It's possible that the tenant may not know how to properly lock the unit or that the locking mechanism is stuck. You can also check to make sure that the unit's information is up-to-date and follow-up with the tenant via phone or email if necessary. This widget saves you time and effort by allowing you to focus your attention on the unlocked units without having to physically check every lock. Once you investigate and fix the issue, you can move on with your day.

Note: For added convenience while walking through your facility, you can also view your unlocked units on your manager's mobile app.


In conclusion, Nokē smart locks and the NSE system provide the following benefits:

  • Virtual lock checks save time and increase productivity for Facility Managers.
  • Real-time viewing of unlocked units allows for prompt follow-up with tenants who may have forgotten to properly secure their unit before leaving.
  • Prompt tenant response improves security, retention rates, and customer relations.
  • Unlocked units can pose a security threat as they can be accessed by unsavory characters through adjoining units.
  • The NSE system provides 'Security through Obscurity' by making all units and locks appear locked and secured to the casual observer.


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