Understanding the Unit Details Page

A comprehensive overview of the Unit Details page is explained.

When accessing the Units table in the Web Portal, users have the ability to click on each individual unit to access detailed information pertaining to it.

On this page, users can access various sections that provide detailed information specific to the selected unit. 

Note: This page may appear differently to you, based on your permissions.

In the top left corner, you will find a box displaying the unit's name, its status (Available, Occupied, etc.), and whether or not the unit is shared with the facility manager(s).

If the unit is not currently occupied, the Assign Unit button will be grayed out.

If the unit is currently shared with the manager, the Unlock button will be available.  

Clicking on the Gear icon in the top right corner will take you to a page with more information. 

On this page, users have the ability to edit the name of the unit and choose to allow multiple unit controllers to be attached to one unit.

In the top right corner, there is a Trash icon which can be used to delete the unit controller.

Note: Deleting a unit should only be done under the guidance of a Nokē Installer or Nokē Support user.

The box in the top right corner displays the activities for that unit.

The default time frame for this activity is the last 24 hours. However, you can click the 24H dropdown menu to change the time frame. 

You can export this information to a CSV by clicking the Download icon, which will email the activity to you. 

The box in the bottom left corner displays the unit controller(s) that are attached to the unit, if applicable. 

The name, MAC address, status, and battery level of the attached unit controller is displayed. 

By clicking on the unit controller, a more detailed page for that unit controller will display. 

In the bottom right corner, you will find a section displaying any tasks that were created for that specific unit, if applicable. Alternatively, you can click the + (plus) icon in the top right corner to create a new task for that unit. If you would like to learn more about Unit Tasks, please refer to the following articles:

Reviewing the Unit Tasks Widget

Reporting an Issue to the Facility

Permission Needed 

  • View Site Locks
  • Manage Locks
    • Additional features with related permissions mentioned above: 
      • View Task is required to display the Units Tasks box as well as view tasks, including tasks assigned to them.
      • Manage Tasks is required to create, edit, delete, or complete unit tasks.
      • Delete Units is required to delete the unit.
      • Manage Unit Assignments is required to assign/unassign units.
      • Open Manager Shares is required to open occupied units that the owner has shared with the facility.

If you do not have the correct access, contact an administrator to add permission to your role type.

For more information, click below:

Reviewing and Editing Roles