Reviewing the Unit Tasks Widget

What are Unit Tasks and how do I use them?

One of the dashboard widgets available to you is Unit Tasks. This widget gives you the ability to use the Nokē Smart Entry system for manager communications. Think of it as a digital to-do list to assist with facility operations.

There are three ways to create unit tasks in the NSE system:

Automated Tasks: System-generated tasks for follow-up items such as battery replacement for low battery notifications, or when there is an attempt to access a unit out of schedule, and etc.

Facility Tasks: Employee created tasks via the Web Portal or manager's mobile app that need to be completed such as prepping units for re-leasing, cleaning out after move-out, app onboarding, monitoring tenant activity or notifications, and maintenance issues that need to be addressed. 

Tenant Tasks: Tenant created tasks via the tenant's mobile app that include can't access my unit, car parked in front of my unit, and etc.

Note: These unit notes are only viewable by users that have the View Tasks permission. (By default, this is given to roles that are Employee level or higher.)

You can create a new Unit Task by navigating to the unit in the Web Portal.

Under the Tasks section on the Unit Details page, click the + (plus) icon.

Click the + (plus) icon, to open a new form. Fill out the form and click Add Task.

Heading: What is the descriptive title of this task?

Description: What needs to be done in order complete this task?

Assigned User: Who do you want to complete this task?

Due Date: What date do you want this to be completed?

Note: When a task is Overdue (e.g., the due date has passed), the Unit Task is highlighted with a red exclamation point next to it.

When viewing the dashboard on the Home page, a list of all active Unit Tasks that need to be completed displays. When you click on one of the tasks in that widget, a window like this opens:

Clicking the Pencil icon in the top right corner lets you edit the form.

Clicking the Image icon in the top right corner lets you add an image.

Clicking the + (plus) icon in the middle of the form (to the right of Comments) lets you add additional comments or updates on the task, as needed.

Notice in this screenshot that the task has an added image (top left) as well as a comment.

By clicking on the unit's name located in the top left corner, you will be directed to the Unit Details page of that particular unit. Here, you can view all the relevant information regarding the unit, including the assigned task.

When you have completed the things that need to be done for this Unit Task, mark the task as Complete

The below icon represents that the Unit Task was created by the system on automation.

The Person icon below represents that the Unit Task was created by a Nokē Smart Entry Support user.

Tip: You can also view and create unit tasks from the manager's mobile app.

Permission Needed 

  • View Tasks needed to see the Units Tasks widget as well as view tasks (including tasks assigned to them.)
  • Manage Task needed to create, edit, delete, or complete Unit Tasks.

Contact an administrator to add this permission to your role type, if needed.

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