Setting the Duration for User Login Before Re-login Requirement

How to edit the security token settings for system expiration and login requirements

Due to the characteristics of the Nokē Smart Entry system, which often involves a single office computer that is accessed and shared by multiple facility managers, our system incorporates a Login Expiration Time feature. This feature serves as a security measure to prevent unauthorized access and activity in cases where an employee logs in but then leaves the computer unattended or finishes their shift for the day. By implementing this security measure, we aim to restrict other employees from using the logged-in computer to make changes or updates, which would otherwise be attributed to the initially logged-in user.

To configure the Login Expiration Time follow these steps,

  • Log into the Nokē Smart Entry Web Portal.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab.
  • Click on Facility.
  • Under the Employee Settings section, locate the Login Expiration Time setting.
  • You can set the expiration time between 5 and 120 minutes.
    • This duration represents the amount of time (in minutes) a user has before the system automatically logs them out and prompts them to log in again.

Keep in mind that the maximum time you can set is 2 hours, which provides the least secure option but requires fewer logins. On the other hand, choosing a smaller number offers a more secure option but necessitates more frequent logins.

Please note that this setting applies to all facility users as it is a facility-wide configuration.

Permission Needed

  • Manage Facilities 

Contact an administrator to add this permission to your role type, if needed.

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Setting the Duration for User Login Before Re-login Requirement