Defining the Unit Status Settings

What are the different unit statuses and what do they mean?

Unit Status Overview


This status indicates that the unit is not currently rented and is available for leasing. Facility employees have full access to the unit in this state.


The unit is currently rented to a tenant. Only the tenant and any shared access users can access the unit. Facility employees cannot access the unit unless granted permission by the tenant. (See article about how to access an occupied unit here.)


The tenant is delinquent on their bill, and access is denied to all employees, tenants, and shared users. (Note: See the Restrict Overlock Entry setting information located here)

Pending Auction

This status is utilized when a unit is scheduled for auction, whether assigned to a winning bidder or allowing employee access for auction preparation. Once the selected auction type ends (either reaching the specified number of unit opens or the expiration date), the unit transitions to Pending Auction status. In this status, neither the tenant, any shared users, nor managers have access to the unit.


When the Auction form is filled out in the NSE system, the unit enters the Auction state. This state lasts until the selected auction type ends, after which the unit transitions to Pending Auction status.


When a tenant needs to transfer from one unit to another, both units are placed in Transfer status for 48 hours as part of the Transfer process.


The tenant is locked out of the facility at the gate level, however, access is not denied at the unit level.


An agreement between a landlord and a prospective tenant to enter into a lease at a future date.

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