Accessing an Occupied Unit for Maintenance Repairs

This article walks you through the steps managers use to gain access to an occupied unit.

 Sharing Access with Managers

When a manager needs more than a one-time unlock, we recommend having the tenant enable Share Access with Site Employees.
This way the tenant can review his activity log in the mobile app without being bothered with text notifications every time the door is accessed, or being asked to provide a PIN when Non-Emergency is used.

Phase One - Facility Setup

The facility manager or an authorized employee needs to verify that the facility setting for allowing manager shares is set to on from the Web Portal.

To turn on manager shares in the Web Portal,
  1. Log in to the Web Portal and click the Settings tab.
  2. From the Settings page, click Facility.
  3. Scroll to Employee Settings.
  4. Set Allow Manager Shares to On.

Phase Two - Share Access

Once this setting is turned on, Tenants can share access to their units with facility employees from the tenant's mobile app.
To share access with the facility from the tenant's mobile app,
  1. Log in to the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app.
  2. Tap Share Access in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Share Access with Site Employees.
  4. Select the unit(s) to share access with this person, and then tap Yes.

Permissions Needed

  • Manage Facilities to edit the Facility Setting needed 
  • Open Manager Shares to actually open shared units 
If you do not see these selections, contact an administrator to add permission to your role type. 
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