Installing Nokē ONE Locks on Occupied Units

This article walks through the process for installing Nokē ONE smart locks to occupied units.

Add Nokē ONE to Occupied Units

Customer Information Sheet

  • Door replacements require the following Janus provided functions - Forklift, Dumpsters, Security Guard, Locks, Filming, and Digital Stills, Moving of customer goods. Janus cannot do door installation without providing all of these functions.
  • Door replacement installations must be handled directly with ownership, pricing cannot be provided to 3rd party contractors. Material orders excluding Janus installation can be quoted to 3rd party contractors.
  • A typical door installation crew is 4 installers and they install approx. 15 to 25 - 8 x 8 doors per day depending on site conditions and scope of work. Larger doors or commercial doors take longer and may require the use of a Forklift provided by Janus. Janus provides door installations for door replacements in excess of 10 doors only. Any door requests less than 10 will be priced as material only proposals and require the rough openings width 1st then the height of the openings Pictures are requested as there are many field conditions that are needed to insure the size of your doors are accurate. (please reference the measuring guidelines form)
  • Installers cannot install doors under the following conditions, Rain, Snow, high winds or temperatures that are a health hazard. If the pavement is wet the tenant’s goods cannot be removed from the units.  
    Nokē and the 
  • All customer information (first name, last name, mobile phone number, and unit number(s)) will be loaded into the Nokē Smart Entry system from the property management software prior to the door replacement. Timing of loading this information is dependent upon the onboarding form in the welcome email being completed.
  • After customer information is loaded into Nokē Smart Entry, customers can come into the office to have their account set up any time before or after the actual door replacement and Nokē ONE lock installation. The manager can set up a customer’s account by doing the following:
  • 9 steps will take approximately 2 minutes

    Activating account during noke one install

    1. The first step is to log into the web portal

    Step 1 image

    2. Click Password

    Step 2 image


    Step 3 image

    4. Navigate to the 'Users' tab. here.

    Step 4 image

    5. Click the search bar at the top of the page 

    Step 5 image

    6. Type the appropriate customer's name into the search bar near the top of the page.

    Step 6 image

    7. Click Activate Account

    Step 7 image

    8. The customer will get a text with a link to download the app and a temporary password. 

    Step 8 image

    9. After the customer downloads the app, they will open the app and type their mobile number into the mobile number field and their temporary password into the password field.That's it. You're done.

    Step 9 image

    Interactive tutorial

    1. Log into the web portal and navigate to the ‘Users’ tab.
    2. Type the appropriate customer’s name into the search bar near the top of the page.
    3. Click the “Activate Account” button next to the customer’s name.
      1. The customer will get a text with a link to download the app and a temporary password.
      2. After the customer downloads the app, they will open the app and type their mobile number into the mobile number field and their temporary password into the password field.
      3. On the next screen, a customer will enter and confirm their own password.
  • Day # 1 typical process is to unload the doors, stage materials and install doors if the delivery is early in the day. Security may or may not be present on day #1. If occupied units are being changed on Day #1 security will be present. Installer will verify that the unit numbers that the manager has match with the list that he was provided by Janus.
  • Installers will need a unit to store Nokē ONE locks and hardware to insure these items are not stolen during installation.
  • Installer will make sure they have Nokē ONE locks and security before opening any occupied unit.
  • Installers will video tape all door replacements and will have up to 8 units open at any given time.
  • Installers will take one digital picture of the unit and contents as soon as the door is opened before the customer goods are removed and one picture after the new door is installed prior to closing the door and putting the Nokē ONE lock on the door.
  • Janus is required to install doors with security present and to provide Nokē ONE locks for this installation. Janus will not do door installations with any other security company than our 3rd party security contactor, Janus must include locks for these installations. Janus is not responsible for removal or replacement of existing security alarm system.
  • Security guard must be present for all occupied units and will log every unit that is opened. Security guard is not required for units that are not occupied. Security Guard will document the Date, Unit #, Time opened, Time closed, and note any damages prior to or after the installation of the door.
  • On door replacements the installers will not cut the customers lock the hasp will be cut and the installer will place the customers lock inside the unit.
  • Security logs sheets will be send to Janus International by the installer and kept on file in the event they are needed to respond to a claim.
  • All video and security logs are the property of Janus International, and will be forwarded to a 3rd party council in the event there is a claim to determine the validity of the request. Janus will only accept incident reports from the site manager and Janus cannot accept claims from the customer directly. Sedgwick handles all claims as a 3rd party council and once the incident report is received by Sedgwick, they will contact the customer within 5 working days.
  • If the customers’ request to be present for the door installation, Janus will do everything possible to accommodate the customer’s schedule within reason. The installers typically install doors starting at the front of the property by building number, the installer will let the store manager know their schedule so the store manager can contact the customers to show up when the installers are doing their building. The installers will make exceptions but it is in the best interest of everyone that the customers show up when the installers are doing their building so the camera’s do not have to be moved and slow down productivity. On the last day of the installation if the customer has not shown up, the installer will install the door and if the installer is required to return to the site at a later date there will be a remobilization fee applied.
  • Installers are responsible for dumpsters and maintaining a clean work area. The old doors will be staged on a location determined by the site manager and the installer. Once there are enough doors on site to fill a dumpster the installer will schedule a dumpster and would ideally want to load the dumpster and have it removed within 48 hours.
  • The installers try their best to recycle the old doors and if tenants put debris in the dumpsters it will be removed and placed next to the dumpster. Janus is not responsible for removal of any tenant debris.
  • Delivery dates and times vary depending on location and your local traffic conditions. Janus attempts to provide a window for the delivery and not a specific time. It is not uncommon for the truck to show up prior to the installers and it is not uncommon for the truck to show up after the installers arrive.
  • We review google views to determine locations for staging of materials on site prior to delivery. If you have specific concerns as to the locations of the material staging locations, please make your Janus estimator aware of your request at the time you finalize your order.
  • The installers will do their best to put the customer’s goods back in the unit as close as possible to how they were originally staged but we cannot insure that this will always happen. In the event customer goods sometime falling out of the space when the door is opened or due to improper stacking of the goods we cannot take responsibility for those specific items that fall out when the door is opened.        
  • Installer will install the Nokē ONE lock in place of the hasp and insure it works properly. Once tested, the installer will assign the appropriate unit number to the lock, which will give the customer access to the unit.
  • After successful installation of the Nokē ONE lock, the installer will place a seal on the unit that will stay intact until the customer opens their unit.
  • Janus requests access to as many spaces as possible at the time of the initial field visit is requested. When our field reps visit the property it is critical to determine the interior conditions so the proper scope of work is established. Janus Is not responsible for existing conditions inside units that we are not aware of at the time of the field visit that create additional work or materials. These conditions will be identified to the customer and if additional work is required a change order will need to be signed.    
  • Janus will only perform work based on original scope of work proposed, any changes must be discussed between Janus/Installer/ Customer before any additional work will be started.


I understand as the owner of the establishment that I am partnering with Janus International in the installation of new doors and that I have read the policy and understand the process for Janus Door Installations, which includes cutting existing hasps and entering tenant spaces. As the owner I agree to notify tenants prior to the start of the door replacements.