Installing Nokē ONE Locks on Occupied Units

This article walks through the process for installing Nokē ONE smart locks to occupied units.

Adding Nokē ONE to Occupied Units

Customer Information Sheet

Janus provides the necessary functions for door replacements, including: 

  • Forklift
  • Dumpsters
  • Security Guard
  • Locks
  • Filming
  • Digital Stills
  • Moving Customer Goods.

Janus cannot do door installation without providing all of these functions.

Door replacement installations must be arranged directly with the property owner. Pricing information cannot be disclosed to third-party contractors. However, material orders without Janus installation can be quoted to third-party contractors.

A standard door installation team consists of four installers who can complete the installation of approximately 15 to 25 8 x 8 doors per day, depending on the specific site conditions and scope of work. However, larger or commercial doors may require additional time and the use of a forklift, which will be provided by Janus.

Janus exclusively offers door installations for door replacements that involve more than 10 doors. For door requests involving less than 10 doors, Janus will provide material-only proposals. These proposals will require the measurement of the width of the rough opening first, followed by the height of the openings. To ensure accurate sizing of the doors, it is requested that pictures be provided (please refer to the measuring guidelines form).

Installers are unable to proceed with door installations in the following conditions: rain, snow, high winds, or temperatures that pose a health hazard. Additionally, if the pavement is wet, the removal of the tenant's goods from the units cannot be carried out.

Before the door replacement, all customer information, including first name, last name, mobile phone number, and unit number(s), will need to be loaded into the Nokē Smart Entry system from the property management software. The timing of this data entry will depend on the completion of the onboarding form in the welcome email.


Once customer information has been loaded into the Nokē Smart Entry system, customers can visit the office and have their account set up at any convenient time, either before or after the actual door replacement and Nokē ONE lock installation.


The manager can easily set up a customer's account by following these simple steps:

  • Log into the web portal and navigate to the Users tab.
  • Scroll or search the User that you want to set up.
  • There are 2 options for sending the activation: 
    • Option 1: Click on Quick Options (three dots) in the Users table next to the name of the user, then click Activate Account

    • Option 2: Locate the Users in the Users table, click on their name, then from the User Details page click Activate Account.
  • The customer will receive a text message containing a link to download the application and a temporary password (PIN #).
  • Once the customer has downloaded the app, they can open it and enter their mobile number into the designated field, as well as their temporary password into the password field.
  • On the following screen, customers will have the opportunity to enter and create their password.

Typical Install Process 

Upon delivery, the doors and stage materials will be unloaded. If the delivery is scheduled for early in the day, the installation team may proceed with installing the doors. The presence of security personnel on the first day may vary. However, if occupied units are being changed on Day #1, security will be present. To ensure accuracy, the installer will cross-check the unit numbers provided by the manager with the list provided by Janus.
Installers will need a unit to securely store Nokē ONE locks and hardware during installation to prevent any potential theft.
Prior to opening any occupied unit, the installer will ensure that they have the necessary Nokē ONE locks and security in place.
During the door replacement process, the installers will record videos of all door replacements and may have up to 8 units open simultaneously.
During the door replacement process, the installers will capture a digital image of the unit and its contents as soon as the door is opened, prior to the removal of customer goods. They will also take another picture after the new door is installed, before closing the door and attaching the Nokē ONE lock.
Janus is required to install doors in the presence of security personnel and provide Nokē ONE locks for the installation. Janus exclusively works with our trusted third-party security contractor for door installations and does not collaborate with any other security company. Janus must include locks for these installations.

Janus is not responsible for the removal or replacement of the existing security alarm system.

Security personnel are required to be present for all occupied units and will document each unit that is opened. Security guards are not required for units that are not occupied.
The security personnel will record the date, unit number, time of door opening and closing, and make note of any damages before or after the installation of the door.
On door replacements, the installers will not cut the customer's lock. The hasp will be cut and the installer will place the customer's lock inside the unit.

While the installation team will make every effort to return the customer's goods to the unit in a similar manner to their original staging, we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible. If any of the customer's belongings fall out of the space when the door is opened or due to improper stacking, we are unable to take responsibility for those specific items. The installer will install the Nokē ONE lock in place of the hasp and ensure it works properly. Once tested, the installer will assign the appropriate unit number to the lock, which will give the customer access to the unit.

After the successful installation of the Nokē ONE lock, the installer will place a seal on the unit that will stay intact until the customer opens their unit.

Security Logs

Security log sheets will be sent to Janus International by the installer and kept on file in the event they are needed to respond to a claim.
The ownership of all video and security logs lies with Janus International. In the event of a claim, these logs will be shared with a third-party council to assess the validity of the request. Janus will only accept incident reports from the facility manager and Janus cannot accept claims from the customer directly.
Sedgwick is responsible for handling all claims as a third-party council. Once the incident report is received by Sedgwick, they will make contact with the customer within 5 working days.

Having Customers Present

If customers express a desire to be present during the door installation, Janus will make every effort to accommodate their schedule within reasonable limits.
The installers typically install doors starting at the front of the property by building number, the installer will let the store manager know their schedule so the store manager can contact the customers to show up when the installers are doing their building. The installers will make exceptions, but it is in the best interest of everyone that the customers show up when the installers are doing their building so the cameras do not have to be moved and slow down productivity.
On the last day of the installation, if the customer has not shown up, the installer will install the door and if the installer is required to return to the site at a later date there will be a remobilization fee applied.

Clean Work Area

The installation team is responsible for maintaining a clean work area and ensuring proper disposal of old doors. The location for staging the old doors will be determined by the site manager and the installer. Once a sufficient number of doors are on site to fill a dumpster, the installer will schedule a dumpster delivery for loading and ensure its removal within 48 hours. The installers try their best to recycle the old doors.
If tenants dispose of debris in the dumpsters, it will be promptly removed and placed adjacent to the dumpster. Please note that Janus is not accountable for the removal of any tenant debris.

Additional Install Information

Delivery dates and times vary depending on location and your local traffic conditions. Janus attempts to provide a window for the delivery and not a specific time. It is not uncommon for the truck to show up before the installers and it is not uncommon for the truck to show up after the installers arrive.

We utilize Google Maps to assess suitable locations for staging materials on-site prior to delivery. If you have any specific concerns regarding the placement of the material staging areas, please inform your Janus estimator when finalizing your order.

Janus requests access to as many spaces as possible at the time of the initial field visit is requested. When our field reps visit the property it is critical to determine the interior conditions so the proper scope of work is established. Janus is not responsible for existing conditions inside units that we are not aware of at the time of the field visit that create additional work or materials. These conditions will be identified to the customer and if additional work is required a change order will need to be signed.    
Janus will only perform work based on the original scope of work proposed, any changes must be discussed between Janus/Installer/ Customer before any additional work will be started.


I understand as the owner of the establishment that I am partnering with Janus International in the installation of new doors and that I have read the policy and understand the process for Janus Door Installations, which includes cutting existing hasps and entering tenant spaces. As the owner, I agree to notify tenants prior to the start of the door replacements.