Understanding the Grace Period for Exiting the Facility

A comprehensive overview of the Grace Period feature in the Web Portal.

To enable this feature at your facility, please get in touch with Nokē Smart Entry Support.

Once Support has enabled the feature, a new Facility Setting called Grace Period will become visible under the Tenant Settings section.

Note: that users may need to log out of the Web Portal and log back in for the setting to become visible.


Additional Information

Under the Grace Period facility setting, you can set the duration (in minutes) for how long users can exit your facility after the scheduled closing time. We recommend keeping this duration equal to or less than 10 minutes.

Once this grace period is set, a user attempting to exit the facility after the scheduled closing time must meet these criteria:

  • The Nokē Smart Entry system first checks and verifies whether the user is trying to exit within the scheduled Grace Period. If the user is within the Grace Period, Nokē allows the exit.
  • However, if the user is trying to exit after the scheduled closing time and outside of the set Grace Period, the exit is denied.

Whenever an exit occurs during the Grace Period at your facility, a notification is sent.

Note: An individual user's notification setup is required in order to receive this notification.

The notification that is sent looks like this:

Title: User has accessed site during grace period
Body: {userfirstname} {userlastname} has accessed site: {sitename} during grace period

Facility Setting

  • Grace Period

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