Combining Units

You can combine adjoining units to create a single unit where the tenant has access to multiple doors.

From time to time, a storage facility will run out of a specific size of rental units (e.g., 10’x20’ units). So, when a customer requests a 10’x20’ unit, the facility manager will rent them two adjoining 10’x10’ units. 

In the PMS, the manager changes the unit size and pricing details for one of the 10’x10’ units to create a 10’x20’ unit. From the Nokē Smart Entry (NSE) perspective, the tenant occupies one 10’x20’ unit with one unit controller. Therefore, we need to transfer the unit controller from the Occupied 10’x10’ unit to the adjoining Available 10’x10’ unit, so that the tenant has access to both doors while renting the combined unit.

To combine units,

  1. From the NSE Web Portal Home page, click Units.
  2. From the list of Available units, click the unit (e.g., A23) to combine with the Occupied unit.
  3. From the Unit Controllers list, click the unit controller to display the Unit Controller screen.
  4. Click the Transfer Unit Controller button.
  5. From the Unit Controller screen, click the Transfer Unit Controller button.
  6. From the Transfer Unit Controller pop-up screen, select the Occupied unit (e.g., A24).
  7. Click the Transfer Unit Controller button.
  8. Now the tenant has access to both units in the smartphone app.

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