Combining Units

You can combine adjoining units to create a single unit where the tenant has access to multiple doors.

From time to time, a storage facility will run out of a specific size of rental units (e.g., 10’x20’ units). So, when a customer requests a 10’x20’ unit, the facility manager will rent them two adjoining 10’x10’ units. 

In the PMS, the manager changes the unit size and pricing details for one of the 10’x10’ units to create a 10’x20’ unit. From the Nokē Smart Entry (NSE) perspective, the tenant occupies one 10’x20’ unit with one unit controller/lock. Therefore, we need to transfer the unit controller/lock from the Occupied 10’x10’ unit to the adjoining Available 10’x10’ unit, so that the tenant has access to both doors while renting the combined unit.

To combine units,

  • From the NSE Web Portal Home page, click Units.
  • From the list of Available units, click the unit (e.g., A23) to combine it with the Occupied unit.
  • From the Unit Controllers list, click the Unit Controller to display the Unit Controller screen.
  • Click the Transfer Unit Controller button.
  • From the Unit Controller screen, click the Transfer Unit Controller button.
  • From the Transfer Unit Controller pop-up screen, select the Occupied unit (e.g., A24).
  • Click the Transfer Unit Controller button.
  • Search the Primary (A24) unit to view all locks now assigned to the Unit.
    • Now, if a tenant rents (A24) in the facility's PMS, they will automatically have access and individual icons for the locks listed here.
  • Delete the record for the secondary unit that is no longer in the PMS (and no longer has a lock)
    • Navigate to Unit in Noke Smart Entry
    • Click on that Unit
    • Click Settings (Gear icon)
    • Click Delete 
      • Note: you will not be able to delete. a unit is currently assigned to a tenant, the unit must be Available to remove)
    • Confirm to Delete the unit record for the unit that has had its lock re-assigned.
  • Now the tenant has access to both locks in the smartphone app.

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