How do I create an access code for a vendor?

This article shows how to create a temporary access code that allows vendors/users access to your facility.

Nokē Smart Entry (NSE) lets you create access codes for vendors or users that are not tenants of the storage facility, so they are not included in the property management system (PMS). For example, door installers/technicians occasionally need to access a storage facility to repair damaged doors or fix a broken latch. Since they only require temporary access to the facility, these users can be wholly managed in the NSE Web Portal.

In addition, you can add access to multiple facilities for your non-tenant users. This is a great convenience for our multi-facility operations that use the same technicians at multiple facilities. You might also want to provide access for your vendors after hours by creating a custom schedule just for them.

For more information on creating custom schedules, click below to view tutorial(s):

To create an access code, click below to view tutorial(s):