How can tenants easily find their units?

Whether your tenants are visiting for the first time or they just haven't accessed their storage units in awhile, the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app can help them quickly locate their units.



This feature can be quickly found on the home screen of the tenant app.  The user will press the "Locate Unit" icon on their screen and their smart lock will start making a chirping sound for 15 seconds, then the unit controller will flash blue to indicate which lock the noise is coming from. 

If the tenant has more than one unit, a menu will give them the option of selecting which unit they want to locate and then unlock when they are within range of the door.

This new feature is a great tool for tenants who have rented a unit online and are visiting the property for the first time, or tenants who have not been by to visit their space for some time and don't remember where it is. 

This will also be very helpful for digital key shared users who are visiting the facility and the unit for the first time.  The shared user can download the app, login for access, the address just below the facility name will tell the user exactly where they are going and open their map app to get them to your facility. 

Once at the site, the shared user can now use this Locate Unit feature to help direct them to the tenant's unit.  Fantastic tool for all types of shared users like movers, business employees, friends and family members.

Just another way for your facility to leverage smart technology to enhance your tenant's experience.


1. The first step is to open the Web Portal and click Settings

Step 1 image

2. Next click Features

Step 2 image

3. Scroll down to Tenant Locate and select the drop down menu for Users

Step 3 image

4. Select All Users

Step 4 image

5. Click Save Changes. That's it you're done.

Step 5 image

Here's an interactive tutorial