Managing Employee/Tenant Accounts

How to manage being an employee and also a tenant at the same facility

It's convenient to store your personal items at the same facility you work at. But. How do you use the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app for operating your facility and managing your own tenant account?

One common solution is to use separate logins for manager and tenant accounts. By doing this, the mobile app will display the appropriate interface based on the account you log into, as the tenant and manager interfaces have different functionalities.

All rented units transfer the tenant information from your property management software (PMS) system to the Nokē Smart Entry (NSE) system, but non-tenant and employee accounts are created only in the NSE system. In addition, no two accounts can have the same login information, because the mobile phone number and email address serve as the unique identifier for each user.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a work email address for your employee account. And then use your personal mobile phone number and personal email address for your tenant account to not create duplicate accounts in the NSE system

.Note: To change between accounts on the same device, go to Settings, log out of one account, and then use the credentials of the other account to sign back in. If available, you can opt to keep things simple by using an office iPad or tablet for the manager's mobile app version and use your personal device for the tenant's mobile app access.

Another option is to Share Access with Facility Employees from the tenant's mobile app so that the personal unit can be opened from the management account without having to switch over. Tenant units that share access with management can be unlocked the same way vacant units are opened in the manager's mobile app. The tenant's activity log records the actions and monitors the user.

Caution: Although it can be monitored, the downside to this option is that access will be available to any employee for this facility that has permission to open occupied units shared with management.


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