Adding the Mobile App to Other Smart Devices

From time to time, your tenants may need to use another device because they use multiple smart devices; or upgraded a phone, lost or destroyed a phone, or some other reason. No problem, it's easy to re-login from another smart device.

Tenants can add the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app to their other devices by downloading the app onto the smart device and then logging in to their mobile number or email using the same password as before.

Customer Talking Points

  • It's easy to log in from another device, as long as the mobile app is downloaded.  
  • You can have the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app downloaded on as many devices as you need. Most of us use more than one smart device in our daily lives.
  • Upgrading the mobile app is simple--no credentials are lost. 
  • If you forget your password, tap Forgot Password? and reset.

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