Virtual Walk-Thru Checklist

This article helps you customize your Dashboard to assist with your daily virtual walk-thru checklist. It also includes links to the Dashboard widgets that pertain to walk-thru activities.

You can maintain your facility and keep it running smoothly by performing daily virtual walk-thru checklist tasks. The NSE Web Portal provides Dashboard widgets to help you monitor and maintain the physical and electronic integrity of your facility. You can organize the widgets on the Dashboard to display how you want them to.

Virtual Walk-Thru Checklist Widgets

Remote Open, Activity Overview, Recent Activity, Recent Updates, Unlocked Units, Most Active Units, Most Active Users, Unit Tasks, Recent Feedback, Users Transferring, Notifications, Low Battery Unit Controllers

How to Customize the Dashboard

You might already have some or all of the widgets available on your Home page. If not, here's how you can add, remove, and organize your widgets.

To customize widgets on the Web Portal Home page,

  1. From the Home page, hover over, and then click the blue Edit Widgets tab on the upper-right side of the page.
  2. From the Available Widgets pop-out, click and drag the desired widgets onto the Home page.

  3. You can drag and drop widgets onto the three available columns and organize them as you need.

  4. You can also remove widgets from the Home page by dragging and dropping them from the Home page and back onto the Available Widgets pop-out.

  5. Click the Save Changes button.

      Note: If some of the Walk-Thru widgets above are not available to you, contact your facility manager to grant you the Permissions to display them.

      Click below to view tutorial:

      How to Customize the Dashboard

      For information on the Virtual Walk-Thru List widgets, click below:

      Reviewing the Activity Overview and Recent Activity Widgets

      Using the Recent Updates Widget

      Remote Open Widget

      Unlocked Units Widget

      Most Active Units Widget

      Most Active Users Widget

      Unit Tasks Widget

      Recent Feedback Widget

      Users Transferring Widget

      Notifications Widget

      Low Battery Unit Controllers Widget