Adding or Deleting a Unit From an Access Zone

Using the Nokē Smart Entry Web Portal to view the units in each zone and to add/update a unit within a zone.

The Nokē Smart Entry (NSE) system uses zones for onsite tracking as a security measure and for determining which entries, floors, and relays tenants require access to when renting units. By tracking who has entered a zone, it identifies if anyone is physically present in the zone. This alerts the NSE system to suppress monitoring alarms and maintain access to the zone until whoever is in the zone leaves.

For this reason, all units, relays, and entries are added to their respective zones during the implementation of the NSE system. You can view which units, entries, and relays are in each zone and add or delete them from a zone via the Web Portal.

This task shows how to view units in a zone and how to add/delete units from a zone.

To view/edit units in a zone,

  1. From the Web Portal, click Settings > Zones.
  2. From the Zones table, click on the desired zone to display the Entries, Relays, and Units within that zone.
  3. Scroll/Search the Units list to view the desired unit.
  4.  Click the pencil icon to edit the zone.
  5. From the Units list, scroll or search for the desired unit.
  6. If the unit is greyed out, it is not included in the zone. Click to add it to the zone.
  7. If the unit is not greyed out, it is included in the zone. Click to delete it from the zone.

Permissions Needed

  • View Zones for view-only access to the Zones page.
  • Manage Zones for edit access to the Zones page. 
If the Zones tab does not display in your Web Portal, contact an administrator to add that permission to your role type.
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How to Add or Delete a Unit from a Zone