Mastering the Virtual Walk-Thru Checklist

Helps you perform a virtual walk-thru of your facility to save time and effort.

Performing daily virtual walk-thru checklist tasks can help you effectively maintain your facility and ensure its smooth operation. The NSE Web Portal offers a range of Dashboard widgets that can assist you in monitoring and preserving your facility's physical and electronic integrity. You also have the flexibility to arrange the widgets on the Dashboard in a way that suits your preferences.

Virtual Checklist

Creating and following a daily virtual inspection is a highly effective way to ensure the proper maintenance and smooth operation of your self storage facility. This list will provide you and your facility staff with guidance on cleaning, maintenance, security inspections, and other important tasks. If you're unsure about what to include in your self storage daily task list, here are some suggestions for tasks that should be completed before opening and closing your facility each day.

Cleaning Priorities

To maintain cleanliness in your facility, it is recommended to sweep and wipe down all frequently visited areas and empty garbage cans. You can utilize these widgets to identify the high-traffic areas from the previous day.

Reviewing the Activity Overview and Recent Activity Widgets

Monitoring the Most Active Units Widget

Monitoring the Most Active Users Widget

Unit Security Priorities

Before conducting a daily walkthrough of your facility, it is important to monitor the condition of storage units. Verify that the unit locks are functioning properly and make a note of any damage to the units. Once your facility is open, promptly inform customers of any issues discovered with their locks or units.

Examining the Unit Status and Unlocked Units Widgets

Reviewing the Unit Tasks Widget

Following Up with the Recent Updates Widget

Reviewing the Low Battery Unit Controller Widget

Gate/Entry Priorities

It is recommended to regularly test your storage facility's systems to ensure they are in proper working order and ready for customer use. This includes checking the functionality of access gates and entry points.

Using the Remote Open Widget

Setting Up the Idle Users Widget

Walk-Thru Priorities

Prior to inspecting the premises to ensure that there is no litter present and that all driveways are clear. Dispose of any full trash cans or dumpsters and remove any trash from the ground. Additionally, make a note of any issues you come across, such as burnt-out lightbulbs, malfunctioning motion-sensor lights, or any damage to the building.

Using the Recent Feedback Widget

Monitoring the Most Active Units Widget

Monitoring the Most Active Users Widget

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