DM Dashboard: Multi-Facility Management

Nokē Smart Entry management users with access to 2-15 facilities now have a new Web Portal dashboard to assist with multi-facility operations.


District managers or facility managers who oversee multiple facilities can view general information about the Nokē Smart Entry facilities they operate. 


To navigate the DM Dashboard,

Open the Web Portal to view details on a facility's dashboard.

Click the Manager Dashboard icon in the top, right corner to open the DM Dashboard.

Use the Cross-Site Search field to find users by name, phone number, or email address through-out all of the facilities on your DM Dashboard.

Notifications for all of your facilities display together for all current messages that you have enabled. Notifications can be individually edited for each site to customize which messages you receive.


Site Managers who are currently logged into the Nokē Web Portal for these facilities, will display under Employees Online.


Along with the multi-site view, the facilities also have a new feature, On-Site Now, that displays how many users are currently visiting each facility. This is a count of users who have passed through your initial Nokē Smart entry point but have not yet exited. This feature is also available, with more information about the users, from the Web Portal dashboard at each facility.

The On-Site Now information is accessed from the Recent Activity dashboard widget.  Select the On-Site Now button to change views. You will now see users who are visiting the facility and when they arrived. 

Use the Remove button to manually update the on-site status for users who possibly tailgated someone else out of the gate, or when your exit point is set to automatically open for traffic leaving the facility.