Assigning Access to Multiple Facilities

You can grant user access to multiple facilities.

If your organization has multiple facilities using the Nokē Smart Entry system, you can grant your managers/employees access to a group of these facilities.

To grant employee access to multiple facilities,

  • From the Web Portal, click the Users tab, and then click the type or user role you want to view from the User Role menu (e.g., Technician/Installer).
  • From the list of available users, click a user to assign to additional facilities.

  • From the User form, click the (gear) icon in the top-right corner to edit the user.

  • From the Edit User form, click the Facilities tab.

  • From the list of available facilities, select the additional facilities to assign to the user, and then click Save Changes.

Note: Facilities that appear greyed out are ones that the user does not have access to. Once a facility icon is colored, it means that the user now has access to that facility.

For more information about multi-facilities, click below:

Navigating the Manager Dashboard


Permission Needed

  • Manage Facilities

If the Facilities tab does not display in your Web Portal, contact an administrator to add that permission to your role type.

For more information, click below:

Switching to Another Facility