Working with Delinquency in Nokē Smart Entry

Overview of the delinquency process for Nokē Smart Entry access and smart units, as well as information on how to manage units and users in the Web Portal.

The Nokē Smart Entry system is designed to complement your Property Management Software (PMS), rather than replace it. The PMS serves as the main hub for tenant, unit status, and delinquency information. It is crucial to input this information into your PMS first, as the PMS will then sync or transmit it to the NSE system. All tenant and unit assignments should be completed from the PMS, and then the Nokē Smart Entry system will update accordingly. This helps prevent any discrepancies from occurring.

In other words, if you have a Property Management Software (PMS) system, it should be your main source of truth.

The Nokē Smart Entry system merely retrieves the units and tenant data from your PMS. If something is displaying incorrectly in the NSE system, it may be due to outdated or mismatched data between your PMS and NSE. But the information should always first to changed in your PMS, and then the information should be synced with the NSE system.

Manually updating or changing the status of a tenant unit is not allowed via the Nokē Smart Entry system, everything related to the tenant, unit, or delinquency information that shows in Nokē, is showing that way because that is the latest information it has received from your PMS. 

Allowing manual changes in the Nokē Smart Entry system causes discrepancies between the two systems. 

Two delinquency statuses in Nokē Smart Entry automatically update from the PMS:

  • Gatelock: Restricts tenant access to the entry points into the facility.
  • Overlock: Restricts tenant access to the unit and to the entry points into the facility.
Two lien statuses that are only in the Nokē Smart Entry Web Portal:
  • Pending Auction: Units that have been auctioned or assigned to an employee for access to clean out the unit will revert to Pending Auction when their access has expired. From this state, you can assign auction access again, or on your next sync, the unit will update to match the state that the PMS has for that unit.
  • Auction: The unit goes into this state after the unit has been sold at Auction, and you have filled out the Auction Unit form via the Nokē Smart Entry Web Portal. 

Note: For the Auction process to work correctly, make sure that you leave the original tenant in the PMS after the Auction sale, the unit should not be vacated in PMS until the Auction winner has cleared the contents and/or the timeframe for doing so has expired.
The only reason the auction winner can have access to this unit is that the Nokē Smart Entry system is reading the delinquent/auctioned status from the PMS. Once the unit is vacated in the PMS, we remove all assigned users, assume the unit is ready to rent again, and restore manager access to the available unit.

Units going into Gatelock, Overlock, or back to Occupied are all activated from the PMS. When a unit becomes delinquent and if it is not in any Auction state, access to the unit is restricted for ALL individuals.

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