Why Aren't My Icons Lighting Up?

When a tenant rents a unit at your facility, best practice is to educate the tenant on how their device communicates through Bluetooth with the Nokē Smart Entry system to ensure the best customer experience.

Show the customer how to check if Bluetooth is turned on in their settings.  They don't need to connect to a specific Bluetooth device, just have the setting on when they visit your facility.


 NOKĒ ONE Tenants:

  • Show the tenant how to wake up the device from sleep mode first before trying to use the app to unlock the space

Tenant Talking Points:

  • Bluetooth is how tenant's phone/device communicates with our Smart Entry locks and entry points 
  • They will need to make sure they always have this turned on when they visit the storage facility
  • When they are in range of an entry point or their unit, they will see the icon light up on their app and then they can press the icon to unlock the entry or unit