What Happens if a Tenant Locks Their Phone in a Unit?

Accidents happen and on occasion we've had this question come up. We wanted to share with you our tips on the best options for helping your customer get their phone back and get on with their day.

  • Does the tenant have another smart device with them that they could download an app to?
    • If answer is No:
      • Is there another person with the tenant that has a smart device with them that can download the app and follow the instructions below?
    • If answer is Yes: 
      • Have them visit their app store and download, Storage Smart Entry by Nokē app
      • Have the tenant sign in to the app with their credentials
      • Now they can use the new device to open their unit and retrieve their phone

  • Does the office have a smart device that the tenant can borrow to open their unit?
    • If answer is No:
      • If not borrow; can the manager sign out of their own account, and allow the tenant to sign in to their app, without physically handling the device? 
        • Then the manager and tenant could go to the unit together to retrieve the tenant phone
        • Once the unit is unlocked, the manager can sign out of the tenant account and sign back in on their device with their manager credentials
      • If not borrow; can the manager sign out of their own account, and allow the tenant to sign in to the tenant app?  Then once signed in, the tenant can share access with the manager and sign out of the manager device.
        • Once the manager is a shared user, the manager can sign back into their own device and use their manager access to open the tenant's unit and allow the tenant to retrieve their device, at which point the tenant can decide to revoke manager access.
    • If answer is Yes:
      • Sign out of manager credentials from the facility app
      • Allow the tenant to sign in with their own credentials
      • Either use the device to retrieve their phone and return the device, or the manager can now be in charge of the device and both can go to the unit to retrieve the tenant phone

Please check with your supervisor for the best plan of action for taking care of your customer and your company equipment

  • No secondary device for the tenant to use and no manager on-site because it is after-hours or this is a remotely operated facility:
    • We first recommend having the tenant return with another device and then directing the tenant through the steps of downloading the app and signing in with their credentials.  But in the event of an emergency, there are options to assist your customer and offer them a quick resolution.
    • Have a plan in place to verify your customer's identity before granting remote access.  
    • Storage operations can set different roles and permissions to determine which employees have access to certain functions within the smart entry web portal.  If you do not have permission to complete the steps listed below, please check with your supervisor to review who to reach out to in the event of assisting tenants in this situation.
      • After confirming the identity of the tenant who needs assistance retrieving their phone from a locked unit and first trying the steps listed above, another option is to temporarily change the status of the unit to pending auction.
      • Once the unit is in pending auction, this changes access from the tenant to authorized management and if the manager has the ability to remote unlock, then the manager can remotely unlock the unit for the tenant and the tenant can retrieve their device.  
      • Once the tenant has retrieved their device, the manager would change the unit status back to Occupied, removing the pending auction status and restoring tenant access.
        • The tenant's activity log will track these actions for the facility and tenant to monitor which helps ensure that trust is maintained while assisting your tenant during this situation.
        • Let them know these are emergency steps only taken to assist them, and that if they are concerned about locking their phone in their unit a second time, we recommend sharing a key with the manager instead.  
          • Just like with all digital key sharing, the tenant is in control of who they share their keys with and will be able to track all activity from their app.
          • Tenants want reassurance that the system works, there aren't loopholes that storage facilities can use that will disable all these fancy features, no tricks or smoke and mirrors.  
            • Jake Brakes should only be used in situations when the unit is electronically inaccessible and never in front of tenants if it can be avoided.

Nokē Support can assist you with remote access, but the best resolution for your tenant, is handling this from the facility.  Your team is better equipped to identify the person as the authorized tenant because you have access to your management software records and relationships with your customers. 

It's also the fastest way to get this taken care of, and it's extremely valuable to leave your customers with the impression that even in the event of an issue, your storage company welcomes the opportunity of assisting customers with their storage needs.

Let them know if something comes up, your team can handle it and get them back on with their day quickly.  You'll build confidence in your brand and product which goes a long way in how long that tenant will rent with you, the experience they'll enjoy and ultimately what they'll be willing to pay for their storage. 

Moving is stressful and although operators always strive to prevent issues from arising in the first place, it is sometimes nice to have the chance to show your customers that you really care. 

When these little inconveniences can be turned into "wow moments" from staff that goes the extra mile, you'll earn your tenant's trust and they'll know they've made the best decision by choosing your company.