Verifying Your Bluetooth is Activated

It is important to inform tenants about how their smart device communicates with the Nokē Smart Entry system through Bluetooth in order to provide them with the best customer experience.


Guide the customers on how to verify if Bluetooth is enabled in their phone settings. Inform them that there is no need to connect to a particular Bluetooth device, they simply need to ensure that the Bluetooth setting is turned on when entering your facility.

Nokē ONE Tenants

Before attempting to unlock the space using the tenant's mobile app, it is important to show the tenant how to wake up the Nokē lock from sleep mode.

  • When the device is in sleep mode, the Bluetooth receiver is off and not able to communicate with the tenant's mobile app. Waking up the Nokē lock from sleep mode turns on the Bluetooth receiver in the back of the lock and allows it to talk to the mobile app. The Nokē lock 'Sleep Mode' feature saves battery consumption when the unit's door is not in use.
  • When the tenant first walks up to a Nokē ONE lock that is in 'Sleep Mode', the button light on the face of the lock (highlighted below) will appear white or off.
  • When the tenant presses this button to wake it up, the light turns red, indicating the secured lock status. In the example below, the lock has already been unlocked, which is why the light is green.

Tenant Talking Points

  • Bluetooth is how the tenant's phone/device communicates with our Nokē Smart Entry locks and entry points.
  • Tenants need to understand that the Bluetooth setting must be turned on when they visit the storage facility.
  • When tenants are in the range of an entry point or their unit, they will see the icon light up on their mobile app, and then they can tap the icon to unlock the entry or unit.
  • If tenants are not within Bluetooth range of their Nokē locks or entries, the icon will not be lit up even with Bluetooth turned on because tenants cannot remotely unlock their units or entry points.

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