Using the Recent Feedback Widget

How to use the Recent Feedback widget to follow-up with customers that had an issue or a compliment about your facility.

The Recent Feedback widget is a great tool for understanding how your customers perceive the way your facility is being operated. Your tenants generate feedback from the tenant's mobile app. This offers valuable insights that you can leverage to connect with your customers and resolve any issues or misunderstandings that they may have faced during their visit.

Recent Feedback Widget-1

Go ahead and click on a User to get all the juicy details about the visit to your facility, including feedback, smart device platform, and the mobile app version they used. You can easily sort by User, Rating, and Date to quickly find what you need. And if you come across a customer who had an amazing experience, ask them to write a glowing Google review for your facility!

Recent Feedback Widget Details-1

After you have addressed the tenant's concerns or added a task to your to-do list, you can click the Dismiss button to remove their feedback from the widget. This helps you keep track of the feedback that still needs your attention.

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