Transforming Your Facility from a Traditional to a Smart Storage Operation

Operating your facility with the Nokē Smart Entry system and mobile app is truly managing your property on the go, like walking around with a digital assistant.

In traditional self-storage, the following tools are usually part of a Storage Manager's daily routine, and they can all be replaced with one awesome app right from a smart device:

  • PC: Management Software for up-to-date tenant records and unit rental status
  • PC: Gate Software for entry control and activity reports
  • Clipboard and Pen: Printed Walk Thru report to complete a Lock Check
  • Remote Control: Open entrance and exit gates without using a keypad
  • Toolbox of Drills, Grinders, Bolt Cutters, Drill Bits or Blades: Removal of tenant locks 
  • Management Lock Bag: Overlock and Vacant lock supplies

Now let's review how the NSE system replaces all of those critical storage supplies of the past.

PC and Clipboard

Most storage facilities still use a computer in the office, but it is no longer a necessary requirement. Whether or not the facility has an office on site, the NSE system lets a manager view critical tenant, unit, and access information from the manager's mobile app without having to refer to the PC or print a report prior to leaving the office. The manager's mobile app displays all units that are currently open, which eliminates the need to physically inspect each tenant lock and unit during a Lock Check and notifications can be set to alert of alarm activity.

  • Entry: Unit Statuses are Rented, Vacant, Overlock, Other.
  • Users: Click on a specific user to view unit(s) assigned and activity.
  • Activity: View recent unit and entry activity or use filters to customize results.

Remote Control for Gates

Remote controls are useful devices to have for opening gates without using a keypad, but they're for manager use only, break easily, cannot be set up for time schedules, and are limited to gate entry systems not other types of entry points. Through the manager's mobile app, all entry types can easily be opened or unlocked if they have smart entry access installed.

  • Home Screen: Click on Entries to quickly access entry points to open.
  • Entry: Entry points are listed first by default, or you can filter the list by Type.

Toolbox and Tools

Smart locks replace the need for tenant locks, which means no cutting locks to prep units for lien sale or when tenants misplace their keys. Also, no need to call a locksmith. Not only is this a huge time savings, but it eliminates the risk of injury to staff and potential for damage to the door when performing this task.

Management Locks

Gone are the days of lugging around a bulky overlock bag and painstakingly placing overlocks on delinquent units, only to have to go back later and remove them individually as tenants make their payments. With the manager's mobile app, when a delinquent tenant arrives at the facility, access is automatically denied due to their Overlock status. The app then prompts the tenant to make a payment and directs them to the PMS system's online payment portal, streamlining the payment process and eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Customers have the convenience of renting a storage unit directly from the facility or website, as long as online rentals are enabled. They can then take possession of the unit without the manager having to remove a vacant unit lock. Access to the unit is quickly transferred to the tenant once the tenant completes their mobile app setup, and it is no longer accessible from the manager's mobile app.


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