Sharing Digital Keys

Tenants have the option to share access to their units through the Storage Smart Entry mobile app using digital key technology. It is quick and easy to add and remove Shared Users within minutes.

Tenants have the flexibility to grant access to their units to an unlimited number of guests using our Nokē Smart Entry digital key technology. With just a few taps on their phone, tenants can easily revoke shared digital keys and effortlessly keep track of who accessed their unit and when.

To share a tenant's digital key from the mobile app,

  1. Log in to the Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app.
  2. Click Share Access in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the smart phone number of the person you want to share access with your unit.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the unit(s) to share access with, and then click Next.
  6. Select the time frame, if the shared user should have temporary access only. Otherwise, select to share indefinitely.
  7. Now, the shared user receives a text message with an activation link to download the mobile app and a temporary 6-digit password to log in.

To enable the shared user's access to the unit,

  1. The shared user clicks the link and downloads the Storage Smart Entry by Nokē mobile app.
  2. From the Login screen, the user enters his smart phone number, and then clicks Next.
  3. From the Enter Code screen, the user enters the 6-digit password, and then clicks Next.
  4. From the Confirm Account screen, the user is prompted to enter a first and last name, and then to create and confirm a new password (minimum 8 characters).
  5. To complete the setup, the user clicks Confirm Account.
  6. An introduction to the Storage Smart Entry mobile app displays with a short tutorial.
Note: To remove this shared user's access to your unit(s), click the Users tab at the bottom of your mobile app's screen, find the person you want to remove, swipe left on their name, and click Delete.


Tenant Talking Points

  • Tenants can share digital key access to their unit(s) from their Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app with anyone at any time for a specified number of days or indefinitely.
  • Shared Users can be added with ease via a smart phone number.
  • Shared Users can be deleted with a swipe of the finger. 
  • Only tenants can manage their Shared Users--the users cannot.   
  • Tenants can monitor all unit activity right from their mobile app and filter by unit and user.
  • Unit access can also be shared with the facility employees to grant temporary entry for package delivery or to perform maintenance.
  • Digital key access and the Shared User feature is great for movers, friends, family, and employees.

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