Resending an Activation Link to a Tenant

How to reset a lost password or resend an activation code for a tenant, if the code has expired or if it was not received.

Activation Link

When a user account is created (for both tenants and non-tenants), a unique PIN is provided to the user. This PIN serves as a security measure and is a distinctive number. Upon user creation, our system automatically assigns a unique PIN to the user, which is then sent to them either via email or text message. This PIN acts as a temporary password for the user's initial login. By implementing this two-step security process, we ensure that the person accessing the account with the provided email or phone number is indeed the authorized user.

There may be instances where tenants do not receive the activation link to set up their Storage Smart Entry mobile app accounts. In most cases, this is due to the link expiring as a result of inaction. Alternatively, if tenants sign up with an email address, the activation link may be directed to their junk mail account and accidentally deleted.

You can resend an activation link from the Web Portal. This activation link includes a temporary 6-digit password.
By resending this to your customers, you effectively assist both your employees and customers in swiftly and effortlessly regaining access.

To resend a tenant activation link,

Log in to the Web Portal and click the 'Users' tab. Scroll or search to find the correct user,
 and then on the Users row, click the ellipsis '(...)' on the far right side to display the pop-up menu, and then click 'Activate Account'.

This is called Quick Options.  

After clicking on Quick Options you see the option Activate Account. Clicking this sends you the temporary 6-digit password. If the user has no email or phone, the button is grayed out.

An example of how the email appears to the user once you have clicked on the Activate Account button is displayed below.
Notice the PIN is 728639

The user then navigates to the NSE Web Portal or mobile app. After entering the phone or email in the Username section, the PIN that was sent in the text message is entered as the initial password. In this example, the PIN is 728639.

After entering the PIN, the system will guide the user to create a new password. Upon successful creation of the new password, the user will be able to log in. This process activates their account, and moving forward, the user can log in using their email address or phone number along with the newly set password.


To activate the account from the individual's User Details page, simply go to the Users tab, locate the user you need, and click on their information in the table. This will take you to the User Details page. From there, click on the Settings (gear) icon, then find the Activate Account section on the following screen and click the button to proceed.

activate account from user details

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