Monitoring the Most Active Users Widget

How to use the Most Active Users widget to keep up with wear and tear, and potentially increase rent for long time renters.

The Most Active Users widget displays the tenants that generate the most traffic in your facility. A lot of times it's the same tenant that accesses multiple units. And then the question is why? Are they business tenants? Are they moving in or moving out? Or, are they sleeping in their units overnight?

This widget provides valuable insights that you can use to maintain your facility rather than repair it. Plus, it provides you with more insight into the comings and goings of your most active customers. You can increase rent for tenants who frequently spend time at your facility. their units or adjust your rental rates based on the most desirable locations within your facility. You can view the most active tenants per day, week, or month.

Most Active Users Widget

By clicking on the user, you can access the User Details page and gather more information. You may discover that a tenant is using the unit for business storage based on the frequency, days, and times that the unit is being unlocked. These business tenants are prime candidates for rental increases as they contribute to the daily wear and tear of the facility and are often willing to pay more for the convenience of its location or to avoid moving their inventory elsewhere. Additionally, frequent activity at a unit could be an indication that someone is using the unit for sleeping purposes.

Unit Details Activity Widget


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