Introducing the Nokē Hardware

An overview of the different types of hardware/devices that are used in the Nokē Smart Entry system.

Our Nokē Smart Entry system is truly changing the self-storage access control game. Our Smart Entry is a Bluetooth electronic lock and total access control system that allows your customers to easily access your self-storage facility and their unit from their smart device. Each facility has its own unique setup, which means that different Nokē devices are used accordingly.

The Nokē Smart Entry system incorporates the following network hardware:


The Nokē Screen® and the NokēPads® are responsible for managing access to the facility's primary entry points, including pedestrian gates, parking entries, and interior pedestals. Furthermore, the Nokē Screens have the capability to control up to 10 floors of elevator entry points.

Nokē Screens - 

The Nokē Screen takes access control to new levels by allowing you to display your branding, custom messages, and full-color graphics to your tenants. This complete smart access control solution works everywhere a traditional access control system does, including a smarter display, round-the-clock customer support, a custom branded mobile app, and more!

The latest in the award-winning line of Noke Smart Entry products, Nokē Screen boasts a number of exciting design features, like a customizable full-graphic display screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and an all-in-one design that combines the controller and the keypad in a single device. The design of Nokē Screen also significantly mitigates vulnerability to lightning strikes and other electrical surges that are very prevalent in the access control systems market today.

NokēPad -

Our Nokē Smart Entry system is the pinnacle of convenience and security for the self-storage industry. Now, the addition of the all-new Nokē Smart Keypad to the Smart Entry family of products gives you the flexibility to offer your tenants a smarter, more seamless way to access your facility and their unit.  

  • Tenants Can Use Their Smart Phone or Key in Code 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and Mesh Connectivity Built-in
  • Works on Gates, Man Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, and Elevators

Tired of bulky keypads that look like pay phones? The days of sacrificing looks for durability and smarter functionality are gone.

  • Crafted with Polished Zinc allows for maximum durabilityNokepad image 2
  • Smaller, sleeker design - 2" x 0.8" x 5"
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof design 
  • Backlit keys for better visibility 
  • Multi-color LED indicators
  • UL Listed
  • Custom auditory alerts
  • Easy to install and sync with property management software 
  • Up to 100' range 

From the gate to the unit door, the Nokē Smart Entry system keeps your entire facility secure.



The advanced Nokē Volt® unit controllers, Nokē ONE® locks, Nokē Contact®, and Nokē Ion locks establish seamless communication via Bluetooth with the tenant's smartphone, enabling convenient access to both the facility and individual units. Additionally, they seamlessly interact with each other, forming a mesh network that connects the entire NSE system with the facility.

Nokē Ion - 

Nokē Ion™ is a hardwired smart locking system that is the latest addition to the award-winning line of Nokē Smart Entry products. Nokē Ion fits on the inside track of the door and boasts an innovative yet simplified design. This smart locking solution is low voltage powered, can be customized with enhanced features like LED lights and motion sensors, and is ideal for new construction. Nokē Ion provides an enhanced customer experience while giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are maximizing your site’s security.

Nokē Ion™ - All-New, Hardwired Smart Locking System

Nokē One - 

Nokē ONE is an electronic smart lock that fits on the outside of the individual self-storage unit door. These smart locks fit seamlessly to both roll-up and swing doors and were designed to improve the security of individual self-storage units while also making life easier for site managers by automating the lock check and overlocking processes.


Tenants enjoy a more convenient and worry-free self-storage experience with Nokē ONE smart locks because they can now use their mobile phones to access the facility and their individual units without worrying about remembering any codes or keys. Your customers can also view access activity, share a digital key with employees, family members, or movers, and move-in to a unit whenever they’d like. Tenants can rent units online, use the app to access the facility and their units and move-in: all without having to come into the office. Nokē ONE allows self-storage owners to capture more rentals by fully automating the move-in process for tenants.

Nokē Contact -

The Nokē Contact lock and charger assembly is a wire 12-24 VDC powered lock with a rechargeable battery.

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 3.55.05 PM

Nokē Elevate - 

Introducing the all-new Nokē Elevate automatic door operator from Janus International. This unique, innovative technology solution provides tenants with easier access to their units with automatic door opening and closing. 

Take the hassle out of processes like manual over locks and lock drilling, all while providing ultra-premium, ADA-compliant smart units.


All from the palm of your hand. Nokē Elevate works seamlessly with the Nokē Smart Entry system, which means that tenants who are in range of their door only have to tap a button within the facility's smart entry app to simultaneously unlock, open and close unit doors automatically. 

All of the technology for Nokē Elevate is built into the motor itself, so there's no need for a separate motor controller. An added bonus? This makes for quick and easy installation since there's no extra hardware to worry about. 


Because accessibility is a big deal in self-storage. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance is necessary for self-storage facilities; if they don't meet the legal requirements, there could be serious consequences. Nokē Elevate meets certain states' interpretations for ADA Compliance, which allows operators to quickly and easily achieve these requirements, while also adding an additional layer of security and convenient mobile access. 

In addition to seamless, automated mobile entry, each unit is secured with an internal electronic lock which eliminates the risk of theft by lock cutting, while the motion sensors located inside each unit provide enhanced monitoring capabilities.


  • Offer Premium Unitselevate image (2)

    Gives operators another way of offering premium units that command higher rental rates with automated, mobile app opening and closing of the unit door, PLUS enhanced monitoring and features like Digital Key Sharing

  • Provide Easier Tenant Access

    Automatic unit door opening and closing with the push of a button from your custom-branded smartphone app

  • ADA Compliance

    Meets certain state’s interpretation of ADA requirements for self-storage



Nokē gateways facilitate seamless communication between entry points and all units at the facility. All Nokē Smart Entry devices are connected to a gateway, which processes lock data and sends it to the cloud. This enables the information to be accessed through the Web Portal and Nokē Storage Smart Entry mobile app.


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