How Does Delinquency Work in Nokē Smart Entry

Overview of the delinquency process for Nokē Smart Entry access and smart units, as well as information on how to manage units and users in the Web Portal.

The first stages of the delinquency process are controlled by your PMS and its settings, such as the date and status change for tenant units.

There are two delinquency statuses in Nokē Smart Entry that automatically update from the PMS:

  • Gatelock: Restricts tenant access to the entry points into the facility.
  • Overlock: Restricts tenant access to the unit and entry points into the facility.
The final access stages of the lien process are managed from the Web Portal, such as temporary assignment.

There are two lien statuses that are manually assigned in the Web Portal:
  • Pending Auction: Restricts tenant access and allow manager one-time assignment to the unit. 
  • Auction: Allows temporary access to unit for auction buyer/winner.

Units  going into gatelock, overlock, or back to occupied are all activated from the PMS. Also, when a unit is delinquent. no one has access to the unit.

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