Explaining Service Units

A brief explanation of what Service Units are and why users are seeing them

A recent update has made Service Units visible in the Web Portal under the Zones tab.

What are Service Units? 

Service Units are virtual units that are generated by the Noke Smart Entry system. They do not have a physical presence at your facility and cannot be manipulated, opened, closed, or edited. 

Why are there Service Units?

There are three types of users at your facility:

  • Tenants 
  • Employees
  • Service/Vendor Users

Tenants have a physical unit that is added to specific zones. This allows them to access only the gates, doors, elevators, etc. needed based on the physical location of their unit.

Employee users require access to all gates, doors, elevators, etc. in order to effectively manage the facility. When an employee account is created, they are given full access.

Service/Vendor Users fall in between tenants and employees. They do not have a physical unit like employees, but they still need access to only certain zones at the facility, similar to tenants.

If you need more information on zones, please refer to our knowledge base article here: Understanding Access Zones.

To address this requirement, our system assigns a "fake" or "virtual" unit to Service/Vendor Users when they are created. This virtual unit exists only in the Nokē Smart Entry system and is assigned to a specific zone. This allows us to limit the access of these users to the designated zones, which in turn helps you to manage the access at your facility. 

When creating a Service/Vendor in the Nokē Smart Entry system, you will be prompted to select the zone(s) you want that specific user to have access to. However, there may be instances where you need to modify or edit this access after that user has been created. Since Zones are a combination of Entries, Relays, and UNITS (not users), we have made these "units" visible when editing zones. This allows you to add or remove the virtual "unit", thereby adjusting the access of the Service/Vendor User assigned to that virtual "unit".

Please be aware that this has always been the way Service/Vendor Users function within our system. The recent change is only that we have now made them visible in the Zones tab. Allowing you to modify access to these users if necessary. It is important to note that this change does not affect the overall functionality of the system or your users in any way.


Q: Is it possible to hide these Service Units?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide or remove them as they are a necessary component of the system to facilitate access for these users.

Q: Can tenants see these Service Units?

A: No, tenants do not have visibility of these virtual units.

Q: Can the Service/Vendor User assigned to this virtual "unit" see their unit?

A: Yes, if the service/vendor user logs into the Storage Smart Entry by Nokē app, they will find the Vendor unit listed. However, it is important to note that this virtual unit is purely a simulated entity and cannot open any physical unit on your property. These virtual units are distinct from real units at your facility, with unique names consisting of 30+ characters, ensuring they are never the same as any "real" unit. Additionally, they are registered differently in our system and are always referred to as an SRV unit.

Service Users cannot Share Access to others with a Service Unit. 

These virtual units are in no way connected to a real unit at your facility, they are created by giving them a unique name with a 30+ character name, so they will never be the same name as any "real" unit that is created. 
They are also registered differently to our system, they are never referenced as a real physical unit and are always referenced as an SRV unit. 



  • View Zones for view-only access to the Zones page.
  • Manage Zones for edit access to the Zones page. 

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